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Dear editors! When it comes to sex with you no one compares (personally tested and definitely approved)! And then I had 2 situations in which I would like to know your opinion: 1) I can only once, and after need a big break. How to get rid of it? 2) This time can stretch even at 3 hours, but the longer «softer». Maybe for this reason you have advice? In advance very grateful.


The first question I asked you: «How old are you?». I the fact that usually young guys of age 20 worried because of quite normal phenomena. Maybe, actually, you’re just … you just recently started having sex and still not understand how your body behaves after sex?

Fry girl for 3 hours is certainly not the norm, but the break after the sex you’ll definitely need. You just didn’t specify how much time you need to recover their strength and again to start «frying». The canadian centre for penile development claims that the normal break between sexual acts for men is 3652 minutes. If you have sex more often, not waiting this time, then you grow a third egg behind the ear.

Well, in fact, a normal break is 20-40 minutes. Even if you need hour, there is nothing to worry. Many guys fuck one time per night and just live with it. In any case, if you can’t handle it, then you better consult a doctor rather than asking an Amateur advice from us.

Regarding your second «situation.» Are you saying you can have sex a few hours, but more and more «softer». Of course, we did not immediately understand what you meant, but unanimously came to the conclusion that you mean the member. So your dick is getting softer? If so, then that’s okay too. Imagine this: fuck for three hours! Of course, he gets tired as you are.

In fact, your prolonged sex is a reasonable explanation. Perhaps you’re sick and don’t have some kind of sexually transmitted disease. Maybe you’re just swell in the trash. I think every guy noticed that when he’s drunk, then finish — it’s so annoying as cyclical, from which you can’t get rid of.

Hell, I have this crap constantly happens in my dreams! I’m the only one there not having sex, and shopped at the store. If I somehow in my sleep I was in that store, by the end of the dream will not be able to get out of there, and I will furiously irritate! It’s like I turn into indecisive woman. Begin to choose, for example, some rags and can’t bring myself to buy it. But this is a dream, and I have an infinite amount of money, I can take anything, but no. I spend the whole dream in this lousy store and every second will want to die due to the fact that I can’t finish it to the end.

Similarly, the drunk man during sex: he fried vengeance, his woman has long disappeared, and he’s still trying to finish, but no… We understand that you do not thump before each sex, so probably not. You might be too worried because of his sex, and against this you have started the stress? Your spiritual experiences can be a direct reason you can’t finish for hours.

Stress and fatigue — may be that these assholes are to blame? You don’t pay attention to this when it comes to sex. Do you think tantrums at home and routine at work affect the brain and nerves. In fact, they have a direct relationship to your penis, or your sex. Maybe you’re banging a girl, and really think about the ass… in the Ass, waiting for you at the office tomorrow.

Another common cause of your nekonade is a desire to give the partner more pleasure. That is, you’re not that focused on her pleasure (not bad), just completely forgot about your feelings. So, she should be okay, but don’t forget about yourself. Moreover, she will not be pleased when her vagina after 3 hours of «roasting» will turn into sandpaper, and she will pray that it quickly ended.

Actually, there is one common technique which helps to get rid of a long nekonade. Maybe you already heard about it. You need to paint your day. More precisely, the meals. You must have a clear schedule and menu that will be present in certain products. And the quality of the food greatly affects sex.

  • Start your morning beverage. Put into a glass two tablespoons of tomato paste and one teaspoon of honey. Pour all the boiling water and let brew for 4 minutes. Now drink and go brush your teeth.
  • Breakfast time. Refrain for a time from the standard eggs. Instead of chicken eggs fry 7 pieces of quail, sprinkle it all with potato starch and eat.
  • Take lunch to work. Don’t go to the local tavern and take away food. Go make yourself a sandwich with canned mushrooms and asparagus.

Of course, this is nonsense. All you really need to see a urologist and explain your problem, because it’s actually a problem. In this case, none of our advice will not help you, although we tried.

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