Severe pensioner with a sledgehammer from Australia


Sometimes abused women are the worst in the world. Especially if they have a sledgehammer.

71-year-old woman from Australia named Pamela Turner terribly offended that her ex-husband invited her to celebrate his birthday. It’s a shame that? Such a holiday — the birthday of the former!

For revenge Pamela chose a very decent list of weapons, which would be a worthy inventory of movie killer Dexter. The woman took a thing, a sledgehammer, an axe for cutting meat, kitchen knife and the native women’s weapon — a frying pan. Pamela Turner was ambushed by her ex-husband on the way to work and inflicted multiple stab wounds, multiple blows and cuts. That’s what it means — offended.

Since she didn’t kill anyone and damage was small, the court sentenced the wronged ex-wife to 3 months in prison. No wonder she wasn’t invited to the birthday!

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