Severe male lip balm


I can’t stand any rubbish, where women are smearing their lips. I want to kiss her, but instead got a mouth full of oily stuff, which is badly washed and leaves a tint on the lips. And she’s got a pretty nasty taste, in fact, personally I am totally against things of that kind.

Once we had the issue of metrosexuals, where one type of the edition noted that a drop of cream burns at the man-sized hole with a fist. So, dude, Swedes don’t think so. And right for its Swedish soldiers released… the lip balm. You heard right: this is seriously a real balm for the military. Onoda so many years of fighting without balm!

Actually, lip balm is used to protect from frostbite any part of the body: hands, face, and lips. The structure of his bold and, according to developers, protect from cold burns. Nearly all. In addition, it can be used as a lubricant for weapons… that’s what I call rigor. Buy the balm (it’s called Hudsalve) for 9 bucks.


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