Severe male dancing

In the fall, in search of funds from beriberi, some of us choose new experiments and passion as a remedy for autumn Blues. On the pages of our magazine we already wrote about what kind of dance is not held in high esteem among men, but to the editor began to receive letters with requests to write about what dances can still be called «male». And as always, we won’t ignore the request of our readers.

1. Krump

«Crump» is an acronym that stands for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise (Kingdom of Absolute Power in Spiritual Praise). It is believed that those who founded this dance move, were very religious people, who through dance would like to convey the power and authority that gives them their faith. Don’t know what it can be connected, but can be counted on the fingers of the fairer sex dancing «crump» and do it well. Perhaps because of the unbridled energy and aggression of the dance. Often it happened that bystanders «crump-battle» called the police because I thought, what is happening on the street a good fight. Therefore, if you decide to perform a couple of steps, make sure that it will not be a signal to an epic mess in the style of bar fights in westerns, when one pushes the other, and away we go…

A significant influence on the development of the dance style did Thomas Johnson, known in the States as a Clown, Tommy. He was the Creator of a special clawning style, unusual clown dance, and thanks to him, «crump» was becoming more and more popular. The idea is that all dancers must be combined into groups («families»), and each of the «families» formed around the main dancer Big Homie, who serves as dance instructor and spiritual teacher. The internal structure of the family has its own hierarchy. The level of the dancer in it is based on professionalism and respect for others Kramerov. In our time share, in fact, krump (old school), new style of krump and clowning (the brainchild of Thomas Johnson). In any case this dance is very diverse, combining some elements of breakdancing and even popping. Read about it below.

2. Popping

These dancers — all gutta-percha people. Maybe they’re hiding something from us. Perhaps under jackets and hoodies they are trying to hide the hinges. In General, for a long time in our country, «popping» was called a «top break dance». «Popping» is a dance style, which is based on movement and pop hit, based on the alternation of rapid contraction and relaxation of muscles of a dancer. «Popping is called the dance of the illusion, as many of the types (robot, waving, Straubing) create the impression of unreality. The dance appeared in the Californian town of Fresno in the 70-ies of the 20th century and has incorporated some elements of the «locking» and other street dances. The spread of the new style was promoted by a group of electrician Bugaloos popular in the US in late 70-ies of the last century. Its leader, Sam Solomon (bug Sam), came up with the original motion, which formed the basis of dance styles «popping» and «bug». Each muscle contraction Sam Solomon uttered the exclamation, «pop», which determined the title of the new dance styles. Group electrician Bugaloos presented «popping», which gained popularity thanks to the television program «Soul Train». Well, if you ever saw danced to Michael Jackson, you know, mostly it was «popping».

3. Flexing student plastic

For these dudes it is sometimes scary to watch because what they do with their hands, sometimes reminiscent of elements of horror movies. In particular, footage from the film about exorcism.

«Flexing» appeared only a few years ago, separated from the street dance. His birthplace is considered to be Brooklyn new York. Dance refers to hip-hop culture, but its origin to her being from a completely different style. It is considered the ancestor of the «Bruk up» — a kind of street dance in Jamaica, performed under dancehall music or reggae. However, the «flexing» what away from the «Bruck up» and has a number of differences and features. Major movement in flexing performed using the hands and shoulder joints, in progress are unthinkable twists of the hands of their incredible twisting and twisting, different weave. Movements change quickly, and the viewer gets the feeling that the bones of a dancer break. Hence another name of the dance — bone breaking (broken bones). It should be noted that the dance is gaining popularity from day to day.

4. Break dance

Well, about the genre of dance they know everything. The dance relates to the culture of hip-hop and inside it called «braiking». Our country has long been divided «breakdancing on «lower» and «upper», and such thing as a «top break» did not exist anywhere else in the world. Actually what we have called the «upper break» is another form of breakdance, originating not on the East coast of the United States and the West. These dances are based on the funk culture of the West coast and represented styles of «Locking», «Popping» and «electric bug». Today, there are so many varieties of breaking, but since we are not a specialized dance journal to write about all dance styles, we will not.Therefore, read. A better dance.

I hope we satisfied your curiosity. Glory and honor you on any dance floor of any city, dude!

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