Severe everyday life of a composer in Russia

You love to write music, and maybe you even have a musical education, and you know what octave and caesura. But you still have no idea what the lives of contemporary young composers. So we decided to tell you about it along the way to learn in my creative friends all the pitfalls that turned out to be difficult case.

1. Academic education is not enough

Many people think that, having studied at music College or Conservatory, they are guaranteed a good and profitable future, but it’s not. Moreover, those people who really earn a living creating their music, not someone else’s replay, often without any musical education. However, this does not mean that you should not study all this in the future. Just don’t expect that training is a panacea for the problems of finding work. However, this trend is in any profession.

2. Experience

All musicians are inspired by other people’s work, but a lot more ideas makes ordinary life. I strongly can inspire food and travel. If the inspiration only came from music, the range of expression would be limited. It is important to be able to enjoy the world around you and turn the experience into music.

Akira YamaokaBut still behind you must be. For example, our friends who are now successfully cooperating with the independent Directors, previously proven as excellent musicians, performing in different clubs across the country. That is, you have to have a background which will allow you to assert that your music somebody really needs. If you don’t, start you be much more difficult. Here the question is not only of confidence, but also basic knowledge. It is not enough just to download the audio editor and gather up a few dozen tracks per night.

3. Flexibility – the key to success

Commercial composer, the person who performs various orders, does not have the luxury of regular musicians. Suppose you have a group AC/DC, and we like it very much, but you gotta admit, their songs from each other cardinally do not differ. It’s called style, and it always works if there is focus on a specific musician. That is AC/DC you with nothing to confuse. The composer needs to be more mobile and, therefore, it is often necessary to ignore your own interests, because Piper calls the tune one who pays. And customers are known to be very Moody people.

4. Main field of work

You need to think very carefully about the sound texture, if I write music that will sound again and again. In games like Oblivion, the player spends over a hundred hours. When you need to cover huge landscapes, I prefer to use ambient with very restrained melodic patches. At the same time, I strive to ensure that the in-game music was more to my musical score was as many details as possible. I believe that in the future video game will contain five hours of music.

Jeremy SouleNo, we’re not talking about theaters or orchestras. To played your shit, you need to be a classic and to die two centuries ago. Main customers you can only find on the Internet. At least it is what you should pay attention in the first place. They can be:

Advertising firm. They often order Jingles for radio stations. Jingle is a small musical phrase that has a finished look. Serious musicians see it as a hack. But be ready to face serious competition. Also, do not get round the creators of social advertising.

Novice developers. Domestic IGROPROM rarely produces something good, but you can find a really nice independent Studio. But first try to work on music together with young developers. To pay you won’t be able to, but the finished work may be good for your portfolio. The main thing here is none of your business. After getting the hang of it to a more commercial projects. For example, some independent national Studio you can find through Steam. But don’t count on a lot of money in the beginning. The first time you’ll work only on their reputation.

Film company. Bad soundtrack Russian films – is a separate story. Why, when our cinema, ears bleed, we don’t know. However in your forces at least a little to correct this situation. As with games, it is important to start small. But we would recommend taking the fee anyway. Some Amateurs want to save money on music, but, objectively speaking, the soundtrack should always be included in the list of expenses for the making of the film, otherwise remove it completely inept and it is unlikely you will ever see it on the screens. If you have never had the experience of creating the soundtrack for a movie, then a good idea search graduates of the directing faculty who are looking for composers for his thesis.

Foreign customers. So, you should learn English, otherwise you will close a lot of possibilities. It is no secret that the music market of the West is a thousand times superior music market of Russia, both in quantity and diversity. Game studios and film studios there are also many times more, so if you really want to make music, focus on the English-speaking countries. British Director of independent cinema will take a track from a Russian composer, and if he seems cool, and the payment is much higher.

5. Work, work and more work

And now the most important. In order to achieve success in the composer, you need to work, and work at a loss, especially at first. To feed themselves, you have to get relatively «normal» job. If you’re in a club or group and you do pay, it’ll be easier, but if you work 8 hours 5 days a week normal office plankton, you have to force yourself to compose music every free moment. However, without this in any way. So better start to think about such a thing, as a hobby, or you just do not have anything to live for. At what point a hobby turn into a profession, you will understand himself.

You need quality equipment, although you can start with regular programming sound stations (eg. Steinberg Cubase). But the further you delve into the essence, the more you need quality content, software, features high-quality recordings and instruments. But the main thing is still the skill that we need to improve every day and develop their musical taste and understanding of the laws of the market.

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