Several ways to communicate with a woman

Several ways to communicate with a woman


I have no idea why some women are so hard to understand us. In fairness it should be noted that there are people who you also do not understand. Here it may be difference of interests, difference in attitudes and in education. So is the case with girls. How to communicate with them, how to find an approach to them? Try to understand!

The success of every relationship rests on normal communication. Would be cool to you each other fucked and fed delicious, if you have nothing to talk about during the breaks, nothing happens.

Fight to the death

Unfortunately, we, women, have a serious drawback: most of the things we perceive as a struggle to emerge victorious, or not at all to come out. Any dispute we turn into battle, the purpose of which is to put them in place. We do not understand that in a relationship there is no space battles, no space combat and don’t need to argue shit just to be right. When we go to war for any reason in our relationships, we are paving the road to self-destruction. When we apply the formula of «I’m a man and that means I’m right», we reduce their chances to build a good relationship twice. This formula means nothing, man, absolutely! The presence of primary sexual characteristics does not make us right, alas! Unfortunately, for many women of Soviet education is the norm to hear is «wise» to accept, but the current generation of girls, fortunately, kerevat from such impudence and denied, and then you call her a feminist. When you realize that woman — your partner in the relationship, not the opponent, happiness to you immediately halt, otherwise you will be spending time alone, embittered, saying, «All women are the same.»

When it comes to communication, rather than competition, many guys start to suck. Ladies, by the way, not better. Even children can resolve conflict with each other, well, adults will help. In a pinch, you can always hit the friend in the sandbox with a shovel, but I digress.

Find the time

Do you find the time to eat, watch some crap on the Internet, drink, have sex, but can’t find an hour a day for a friend? And you still want a normal relationship? And why is she offended? Raise yourself and literally force yourself to talk to her about things, work, friends. It’s boring? So nifiga. If you’re bored, you’re not serious. And even if not serious, full of fun interaction with her, you will not receive. A great alternative to talking is to help the lady with the cooking. And do not say that it is women’s duty, you peel the carrot can’t wash a couple of cups? The conversation during cooking is faster and food is cooked too quickly. Stop these stupid Soviet realities in the spirit of «I’m lying on the couch, and my wife cooks me soup, I must rest and then tomorrow the war, and I don’t rest!» What it is!

Learn to listen

Hell, it’s the most hackneyed advice. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to do it right, so I put a broken record. Not so hard to start normally listen to, it requires perseverance, patience and concentration. Patience to give her as much time as she needs to, she told me about all their problems. The concentration needed to during a conversation to look at her in her eyes and understand the meaning of what is happening without losing the thread. Restraint here so you don’t interrupt a girl, and not satisfied the court of its speculation and opinions. Express your position, but it is not necessary to translate everything into dispute, man wants to talk. Tip: actively engage in the conversation; not to quarrel and not to try to tell a girl that she is wrong, quoting and doctrine; not to laugh at her judgment — this is not an indication of weakness. Be generous!

Think about non-verbal communication

Unfortunately, we often misunderstand any gestures or hints girls. Rather, we just ignore them because «it is women, and we are unworthy». But one who understands all the female hints, can become king of the world. Nonverbal communication includes gestures, movements, facial expressions and other forms of body language. It also includes tone of voice, sighs, screams and tone. Good times and bad non-verbal communication is an excellent indicator of not only the mood of the girl, but her attitude to you at the moment.

Let her know that someone cared

Enough to use rhetoric and demagoguery to recognize that you’re right. Most often, the girl recognizes that you’re right, not because she thinks are convincing your arguments, but because you openly*the ball. In a relationship there are no winners. This fucking relationship!

In the heat of a quarrel, in the heat of the fever and reviews stop and tell her you love her no matter what. Just do not need to use the universal phrase «the Important thing is that we love each other», so she soon stopped, be sincere. A peasant will get out of the situation by the conciliator.

In addition to all the above I will add that you shouldn’t be one of these guys. Spicata on.

1. Impostor

This dude strongly pretends that listens carefully to your sweetheart, but nothing comes out of these dialogues. Probably because he doesn’t care about her words. But you have to give him credit: he constantly cheats on her successful, elaborately pretending to be an active listener.

2. A lover of my own voice

This big baby loves to talk. He shit on a girl, because for him it is only a material for discussion, in which he expresses his independent and critical view. Every conversation he takes on itself, attracts attention and stamps his foot. Unlike the Wrangler that often, he says the General topic. The girl tells him about work, he nods, then tells about what a cool video he watched on the Internet today.

3. Selective listener

This selfish type only listens to what he wants to hear. In addition, he remembers some things, to turn against the girl. She made a mistake during some work, and then complains that does not have time — our hero always remembers about previous mistakes and tell the girl that we had to be careful last time, my fault. He dipped her face in the dirt, he’s a hero and do on a horse.

4. Debater

This type can take various forms ugliness. He refuses to acknowledge that there are problems, and unleashes a fierce struggle to prove to the girl that she’s wrong. The struggle continues as long as the Wrangler doesn’t get her way, or, even worse, he calls a girl near, turns back to her at any time, turning everything into a conflict. Or pauses, thinking «wisely» left the conversation. The bottom line however is that this child can never take responsibility for their actions or to admit that something is amiss or his judgment is complete shit.

5. Insensitive m*duck

This dude has some issues where he is really insensitive. Emotional problems problems with work, problems with hobby — if the guy chose one of these topics to ignore and misunderstanding, it is impossible to expect the opposite. «You always make an issue out of nothing» or «where’s the problem?» his standard phrase. Also, this dude can totally ignore the weeping girl who sits in the corner. «Doesn’t say what the problem is — there is no problem,» says this man. It seems to be logical, if in fact it would not be an indication that he just doesn’t want to bother.

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