Several lipakov in dogonku summer

Work.kom.ua_14.08.2014_MmSYGcAugjHILSummer. Heat. Sea. Beach. From these words you have falling efficiency and all thoughts fly away to dream about a vacation. And now, the long-awaited x hours and you’re already Packed their bags in anticipation of a triple flip, a name of Oleg Gazmanov, directly into the cool water with spectacular cliff or pier.

August, a time when all of a sudden realize that summer will soon be over, and I haven’t even been to sea. Here we are in edition suddenly remembered that summer, when came the hellish heat.

And while you’re packing, and you have no idea the trouble you can expect during a summer vacation. Consider a few scenarios with a grim story that can happen to you in the last month of the heat. Well, actually, what to do to minimize the feeling of a spoiled vacation.

1. Vampires suck

manygoodtips.com_14.08.2014_ZBGLoIFTb4VkFIf the Bastion, built of fumigators and different sprays are not saved from the bite of those damned ghouls, there are a few beautiful in its simplicity, ways to relieve itching from the bite of this tonkonogova villain.

Zelenka usual — it quickly relieves itching and redness, but it causes… uh… gardening.

The second tool that can help in this situation is the balm «Asterisk», which your mother probably was rubbing his temples for headaches, and the sharp smell of the miracle of the funds may have already surfaced in your memory. The whole secret lies in the fact that camphor, peppermint and eucalyptus perfectly relieve itching, and clove oil has a strong antiseptic effect, do not develop inflammation.

But if there is not pharmacies, or you are disgusted with the smell of saving funds, there is a way the most affordable and also, no less effective — a piece of ice or a wet compress, which will quickly combed soothe troubled skin, while exposure to low temperature will relieve swelling.

2. Children Of The Gorgon

manygoodtips.com_14.08.2014_WLokTe712gUtrFinally you put my sun heated body into the sea. And then in the next second, felt a strong burning sensation and pain. Depending on the toxicity of jellyfish and individual reaction of the organism, possible convulsions, and even shock. But if this did not happen and you are able to provide the help yourself, then rinse the burn with sea water, and in no case fresh — so the venom from a jellyfish can be absorbed faster.

If there’s a bar, you can order any cocktail with a slice of lemon, but do not try this lemon is because lemon juice will neutralize nerve action caused by the jellyfish’s venom. And, as in the case of mosquitoes, you can apply the burn with a wet compress, which will cool the burn and reduce pain to a minimum.

There is another way, probably the most famous and popular — in the style of Andrei Malakhov. Urinotherapy. So-so. Here, of course it all depends on how strong your pain. And what drastic measures are you willing to do to get rid of it.

3. Keep the strike was okay, but then, suddenly, your friend like a fallen leaf slowly falls to the ground, his breathing shallow and his eyes widened, and it does not matter that you managed to find it its interesting and exciting story, which happened literally last week.

Most likely reason is overheating, and that man got a powerful heat punch right on the head. And should carefully evaluate the condition and be sure to call the doctor, as such strikes a man not ashamed to bear under the supervision of a physician.

Recommended the following first aid measures before arrival of the expert:

1. Translate or transfer a fallen soldier in the shade or in a cool, well-ventilated room, away from the direct action of the heat source.

2. Be sure to put the victim on his back. The head and legs should be lifted, placing them under any of items (e.g., bag).

3. Wrap the body with wet sheets or sprayed with cold water. Moisten your face with cold water. You can also soak any fabric in cold water and Pat on Breasts (can be all the body of water at about 20 ° C or, if possible, take a bath with cool water (18-20 °C). And apply a cold compress (in any unclear situation do the compresses).

5. The victim to drink large quantities of cold water (preferably mineral).

4. The rescue of drowning

manygoodtips.com_14.08.2014_e2IrazaAszhaqAnd again about the danger in the water. It’s the water itself. If you saw a drowning man in the first place, shouting for help. The more people know about the drowning man, the more chances to save him.

Try on the way to the water, grab something floating equipment. Feel free to take the child air mattress or life preserver with the duck. As soon as you’re near drowning, sailing behind him, as the panic people will try to grab you for all, how to reach and drag to the bottom of the sea for company — grab him by the armpits, turn back, swim back to shore, using his free hand and feet. This is where taking a circle with a duck.

Pulling the victim to shore, carefully check it for damage, check for breathing and heartbeat.

If the victim has swallowed water, then turn it face down and bend your body forward. The head should be lowered below the chest. Hands to unclench jaws: often it happens in the drowning spasm of the facial muscles and make sure drained all the water. Check breathing and pulse.

If not breathing, no heartbeat heard, and the pupils are dilated, immediately start resuscitation. Start to do artificial respiration and chest compressions: put the victim on a flat hard surface. Tilt your head back, release your mouth and move your chin down. Pinch the person’s nose with the fingers of one hand and a second hand hold chin. Do 1 breath in the mouth of the victim and 3-4 quick tap on the chest. The rule should be 17 breaths per minute and 60-70 taps on the chest. Well, if it is a tanned beauty in a bikini, but be prepared for the worst, drowning is more often drunk dudes and other nasty people.

Closely monitor the pulse: as soon as there was a weak pulse, chest compressions should be stopped, because the heart can stop. When independent breathing and heartbeat of the victim need to be covered with a warm blanket and sending him to the hospital.

5. Boiling point

manygoodtips.com_14.08.2014_GseUaM0vS9sQaAnd here, imagine, how, after all experienced stress, you go back to your room, and…Oh, the horror! Not running air conditioning. And your room is on the Sunny side, and you already feel like you’re not getting enough air, and water, from which you consist of 80 percent, is starting slowly but surely to the boil.

There are antiquated method, used for centuries, for a couple of hours before bedtime, wrap bedding in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge. Eventually, of course, the bed will heat up, but sleep will be much more pleasant. And if you can’t wait a few hours, just do yourself a compress well and you know.

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