Seven pots: the most difficult exercises for back and abdominal

manygoodtips.com_6.05.2014_wWC1MeIGtH1xKDon’t know what exercises to add to your training? Don’t know what kind of exercise can shake your spirit and your body to make the next day sweet and intolerable ache? Believe in your training, you are missing something? Or do you think that some part of the body you have is far behind in development? Definitely this article is for you. For advanced dudes and for those who are not afraid of difficulties, we’ve prepared an article on a fairly complex exercises that will frighten and will dry the back, buttocks, abs and upper thighs. Americans have such trainings are referred to as ABS (Abdominal Back Spine).

1. Plank on the knees


It seems that just? Not really. You cling about your feet and elbows, your elbows are at a 90 degree angle, but the legs are arranged at an obtuse angle to the load on the press was much more. In the picture all the good shows. Look forward and try to hold it for a minute. Repeat three times.

There is another variation of this exercise that is best done through any other exercise or at the end of training. This side plank on knees: you lean on a straight arm, and the other part of the body rests on the knees, which should be sufficiently far from the hand. So you need to hold out about a minute. Repeat three times with a small break of 30 seconds.

2. «Swallow,» on my knees


From this exercise, many names, and you will surely be able to find in other literature it under a different title. There are not even very decent.

Start the exercise on the floor, resting on palms and feet. Put your hands shoulder-width apart, knees at the same level as the hands. Suck in your stomach, extend your left arm forward. Simultaneously extend your right leg straight. Try to stay in this position for 30-60 seconds. Now repeat the same with right leg and left hand. After three attempts on each side, rest for 30 seconds and repeat swallow again.

3. «Lumberjack» on my knees


A useful exercise that forces your body to curl, requires use of hands and back. You can do standing, but kneeling load shifted in a more right place for us. Block simulator can replace the damn rod or heavy gymnastic ball.

Without moving torso, pull the rope or other cargo to the side with both hands. Bring it to the hips and return to starting position. You can display more on the rope and slightly twist the torso, but should always look forward. Repeat 10-15 times do this exercise on the other side. You can do 3-5 approaches.

4. «Farmer’s walk» with one dumbbell


«Farmer’s walk» — exercise a specific and very useful. Its special benefit is that by including it before a workout can not only qualitatively to pump the muscles of the upper body, but also significantly improve the growth of muscles in the arms. Besides, it is the natural load, which you can think of. «Farmer’s walk» with one dumbbell differs from the standard «walk», which is performed with two dumbbells, so that you always have to try to keep your body in an upright position, avoiding the preponderance in one direction.

Take a fairly heavy dumbbell in hand, slowly walking with her straight, trying to keep the body from tilting. Well here include lower back and abdominal muscles that we need. Now a small rest and repeat the exercise with dumbbells in the other hand. You can repeat the West of 3-5 times, and you can do the «farmer’s walk» and circular approach.

5. The rise of the pelvis


Squeeze the upper back to the bench, while as the lower part of the body needs to stay downstairs. Lean blades and arms on the bench, bend your knees and put feet flat. Raise your pelvis until your body forms a straight line from the kneecap to the shoulder. Look at the ceiling, not sideways and not forward. The knees should form an angle with the floor at 90 degrees. In the future, it is better to use weights in the form of a rod, disk, or weights.

6. Vis and move the tilt-TRX-loops


Suspensory TRX can often be found in gyms or even buy them a home. This is a great workout that affects many small muscles and allows much better work with their weight.

Suspension hold handles at waist level, lean forward, make sure they securely hold your body. Now raise your arms forward at eye level. Raise the turn it with one hand with suspension up, then another. Don’t have to raise two suspenser to eye level and begin to rise to the level of the waist.

7. Free oblique hanging in the TRX loops


Again use suspensory. Now we have to experience all the joys a rather difficult exercise — full older free visa. Start from the same position as the previous exercise: the body in the forward bend, hands suspensioni at waist level. Bear hands with loops forward through the head, at the same time together with your body. Relying only on socks. Trying to return to its original position.

8. Gymnastic video


Get on your knees (you can put for convenience, the rug or Mat), put the roller right in front of you, grasp it with both hands. Wheel him straight ahead, not allowing the roller to deviate from the route. Do this for as long as your hips don’t touch the props, and hands will not straighten out. Now use all your strength of your abs, waist, buttocks and thighs to return to starting position. Repeat several times, then rest and start a new cycle.

9. Bench dumbbells lying on a bench with one hand


Of course, it sounds quite strange — usually I press dumbbells in the amount of two pieces, but not one at a time. Variably, too pressured, and here you are holding only one dumbbell. The second arm lies along the body on the bench. But it is very effective because it not only allows you to get the benefits of dumbbell bench press, but involve the abdominal muscles and the muscles-stabilizers.

Press one dumbbell with one hand, trying to balance her movement. In this you will help the abdominal muscles, lower back and buttocks. Repeat with the other hand.

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