Seven geese saved the hosts from death, and died

As you know, the geese saved Rome. Of course, in this story the geese didn’t save anything global, and just showed themselves from the best side.

In the night of Monday in Abakan, the owner of one of private houses was on fire. If not geese, who raised a cry and the noise in his barn, the owners could burn alive.

Geese, their cries almost immediately awakened by their masters, who immediately called the fire Department. But the birds were killed under the destroyed roof of the barn. Firefighters extinguished the flames in 15 minutes, but even this was not enough to prevent a roof collapse and rescue animals, for whom both have experienced their owners.

I also managed to save and outbuilding, which contained other animal owners.

Experts of the fire brigade think that the fire arose from-for «the inadequate maintenance of electrical equipment or a short circuit.

But geese will not return. Really sorry, friend.

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