Settle political disputes… in computer battles

manygoodtips.com_14.04.2014_3GFsMjbcQAFtcSomeone smart said that war is necessary only to politicians but not to ordinary people. Why politicians can’t get sticks and beat each other unconscious? But the guys from Sweden offered the best solution to all problems… tournament in Starcraft! So, in this chic oldboy strategy.

This idea was proposed back in 2010, but the first major championship to be held a few days ago. «Politikerstarcraft» — the so-called tournament «Starcraft» for the members of the Swedish political parties. It is noteworthy that came up with this tournament party Pirate Party. For four years the tournament gained popularity and now he has a huge following among fans of eSports and fans to see some action and screaming. The competition is attended by representatives of Swedish political parties, from which selected the best of the best. There were cases when bitter rivals in the political life in all seriousness, deciding who is right and who is not, pushing the Zerg and Protoss in the fields of space battles.

However, not all well-known Swedish politicians want to solve their disputes this way. By the way, great idea, why not adopt us? For example, to solve the problems of the Crimea with DOTA?

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