Services that will empower your business #1

It was such a time when the business no technology can survive. Your competitor will introduce a system of sales management, deliver Analytics on website, make a PR campaign and all clients will go to him. Therefore, modern business is an arms race and the search for new effective solutions. Provide a battlefield, a variety of services, from the existence and use of which depends the performance of any entrepreneur and his company. If you already have or are just going to open a business, then you need this cool collection of services that will empower your business.


Any business must be tightly controlled and managed. In the case of simple business models can suffice the ubiquitous Excel and a notebook, and use than a small company. But what about when the number of variables and processes is growing? There is a known rule, applicable to many spheres of life, including business as: system reliability is determined by the weakest link of this system. Roughly speaking, one bad gear can lead to the collapse of the entire system. And with the business: the more processes, the more difficult to manage, and the higher the probability that something will go wrong. And here we come to the aid of computers and programs to effectively manage the business.

As example, ELMA BPM is a management system business processes. The concept behind it is quite simple. All system functions can be divided into four groups in accordance with the stages of the life cycle: planning, execution, control and improvement. All this wrapped in a convenient customizable interface. In the first stage drawn up a visual diagram of the processes, which defines the participants, their actions and sequence. Then this is complemented by data and runs.The stage performance — you will be able to see the whole scheme of business as your employees who will get jobs when they come to the queue, and execute them, simultaneously contributing data to the model. The business moved to a virtual environment that will allow to control and monitor all processes at all stages of work. For example, if someone from employees due date of tasks, you will receive a message about it. ELMA BPM functionality gives the possibility to analyze the system, optimize and modify it, thereby increasing business efficiency. In short, a very useful thing for managers and entrepreneurs. In words to explain how this looks complicated, better check yourself. But we came up with the analogy with the urban simulation is very similar.


If you have a website or landing page that is actively accessed by users, you’re halfway to success. But here’s the catch: if the user came to your website, it does not mean that he became a client. The challenge is to keep the customer and get him to leave your contact information. For this purpose, different mechanics, but one of the most effective is the Callback the ability for a customer to order a call of the Manager who will call you back within a few minutes or chat with them online chat or social networks. The point is that we don’t like to wait and do something on their own and want to get a higher level of service in a time when we need it.

CallbackHunter — widget for the site, which allows us to provide this service to the client. Unlike other systems, the connection time with the operator not greater than 26 seconds. It is implemented through automation — once the user enters a number and clicks the button, the telephony system CallbackHunter place the call to the client and associates it with the Manager. In this proposal call appears only when the system deems it most efficient — the system takes into account 13 behavioral factors. Due to this, the number of calls from the site increased by 75%.Another killer feature of the service — chats, which, incidentally, is free. Communication with the client Manager in the chat is via Vkontakte, Facebook, Telegram, Viber or Skype — this means that the correspondence with him will continue, and the client will remain in the database that allows it to write later. If the client is already in system database, then the Manager can immediately see all of his contact information. More thoughtful service to increase sales, you are unlikely to find.


CountBOX — a very cool innovative service that uses advanced technology based on AI and neural networks. If you have a retail store, you know that this data is extremely important — the number of visits depends on the profit of the store. According to statistics, well-known consulting company McKinsey, the lack of knowledge about visitors and customers of the retail loses at least 15% of revenue. In the midst of brutal competition it can lead to a complete failure, so here, the principle «do or die».

So CountBOX — an indispensable thing for shops and sales outlets, museums, bars and clubs when you need to collect and analyze information about visitors. It is a tool that adds previously unknown information about customers, identify hidden potential and thus allows to increase revenue to 20%.It works like this: at the entrance of the room are installed with special cameras and sensors. When a visitor enters their field of view, the system collects information about him: age, gender, how often they visited the store, how much it spent. It is even possible to determine the mood of the visitor in his face! All this information is analyzed in the cloud, and the output you get ready reports in the form of visual tables and charts. In them you will see the engagement, loyalty will be able to determine, for example, which advertising companies and promotions were most effective, how many of your visitors become customers, how many of them are new. Such information is crucial to any business with her, you can improve the store, to find new solutions to optimize sales and, eventually, increase the profit of the shop.


Technology, and especially that part of them that is associated with the web never ceases to amaze us. Perhaps you remember when we were saying, soon we won’t need hard drives — will all be in the cloud. So this is it. As a cloud operating system?

Yes, we, too, are surprised. It is called Orbios and works right in your browser. If you think it’s something unusual, then don’t worry — it looks and works more than the standard: Desk, recycle bin, creating folders, file structure, windowing, and other familiar things present in it.You can upload any files, music, videos and photos, which, of course, you can watch and listen to. If need be, you can configure an automatic boot from different devices. By the way, nothing prevents to work with Orbios using smartphones and tablets — only need access to the Internet. And if it did not, with the most important files you can work offline.

But the main opportunity Orbios — sharing and granting access to folders and files to other people. You can send a file to a contact, setting the access level. Thus, the system becomes steep as a working tool for the individual and for groups and small companies — all employees may be scattered around the world while working in one system.

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