Serials for real men #3

>We wrote a lot of the male series. Some people like, some don’t. And now it is time to highlight, so to speak, the cream of the media space, something that rightfully deserves to wear the title of masterpiece. Make yourself comfortable, now you know what they are – a series for real men.

1. Winx


Bloom is a young charming vosmiklassnica-Ah (V. G. Choi) who lives a simple life, talking to girls, going through the usual girl problems and unaware of its exclusivity. But suddenly she became aware of the existence of the magical dimension of MAGIX – world of fairies and other magical creatures, and that she herself is a fairy. Once in the school of magic Alfea, after meeting with the headmistress of Faragonda she creates a magical club «Winx» – an unbeatable team the charming fairies, who fight the forces of evil!

In addition to bloom, the team includes: gentle flora, Flirty Stella, Techna serious, mysterious Layla and cheerful Muse. For all seasons girls save the magical world and an UN-magic Land from the forces of evil. The story is about these friends who are always together – what could be better for viewing in the company of best friends!

After watching you will want to become a Winx fairy! It’s enough to open gas burner, but if it does not, pour some glue into a plastic bag, to breathe, and then you will arrive bloom and shower you with fairy dust enchantix!

Ahhh enchantix!

The magic dust!

Max power! Enchantix!

Forces inside me!

Strong, brave!

Beautiful, magical!

Mystery enchantix!

A wonderful fairy!

The miraculous power of winx!

Enchantix!Best Christmas is, as they carefully traced lustful Italian artists. It is likely that in the second season you’ll start to be jealous to their bold and strong guys. For example, I’m still jealous of Flora to the brave but effeminate, Helia!

The series looks at one go! Limited to one series is simply impossible! Even the most picky viewer can resist a good story, where the noble salvation of the world alternates with the usual scenes from the lives of ordinary girls, magic with everyday life, and intrigue with love. And, of course, wonderful songs girls who are better than the boring pony prove that friendship is magic. The show is very musical, and on the second series you’re together with friends, making an elegant PA, trying to imitate the Ceiling, you yell:

If you decide

You can become

one of us!


My hand you take!

We will become even stronger

And you bring me to


2. Big Time Rush


Big Time Rush (In Russian «big time rush») is a series about these brothers from Minnesota, who came to Los Angeles to conquer the musical Olympus. Funny jokes, nice, cheerful guys, lots of music and laughter – what more need for happiness!

Though the series received mixed reviews, some do not understand the humor snobs even dared to call him «unfunny». So what do they know! Big Time Rush played in their music… links and released an album that went gold. Yes, is the answer «disney» Jonas Brothers. But what! The guys in this show are ridiculous! Ideal for martinis with mayonnaise in company with bro.

3. Victorious

For the sake

When Maestro Dan Schneider set about creating this masterpiece, he had no idea how this not afraid of the word, great series will change the lives of millions of children worldwide.

The plot is simple as a stick: a charming and incredibly talented tori VEGA is a student in the school of arts for gifted children (in a good way gifted). In the story of tori as she finds her place within Hollywood Arts, while getting into incredible situations and adventures and meeting friends who help her. Friends of tori – this is a separate issue. Bright, a little silly talent on which rests the entire series: the genius of Andre Harris; a nice klutz Robbie Shapiro and his puppet named Rex powers (Robbie sees him as a person, as, in principle, all other); sarcastic jade West; naive and stupid cat Valentine and handsome Beck Oliver.

This masterpiece will make you long to postpone viewing the new season of «Game of Thrones». Why to watch for some «sheep», if is much more practical to rofl at Robbie and Rex. You can forget about abdominal exercises: watching one series «Victoria» replaces 2 hours of training in the gym, because your stomach will literally burst from laughter.

What’s the music!.. If Beethoven was competitors, it is the authors of all the musical themes of the series. If angels sing, just as Victoria justice is the female lead. Only one «Shine» will sound continuously in your headphones for at least a month. They say that when Eric Clapton was asked to compile a list of the 10 songs on all occasions, he included all ten songs from this wonderful series.

4. Dora the Explorer


If you never in life did not help Dasha find the rogue, then have the decency to text me from this magazine because our magazine for dudes, and dude is not the one who hundred of chest shook, and he who Dashka with Roberto helped.

It is believed that the plot Dashi wrote another civilization, because the thought of such a simple human mind impossible.

Not love Dasha impossible. Even «South Park» made the accent on her gorgeous Puerto Rican Durkee. Indeed, despite his youth, was attracted to it not as a brave fighter against unorganized crime, and as a woman. However, we will not focus on Daria, because in the series there are other characters. For example, many sympathy is the main antagonist of the series – Fox Rogue. The thief-the loser who you and Dasha constantly interfere. Yes, it is you and only you. So the main character still has you, dear viewer, and believe me, without you They have nothing. So gather a group of friends go out to save the planet!

5. ICarly


Unfortunately, this masterpiece is no longer produced. But all series can easily be detected in the vast expanses of the Internet space. And Nickelodeon sometimes pleased with the showing of this miracle the true connoisseurs of serial art.

If you’re not watching Icarly, so you don’t know what art is. The story of two raging idiots Stealing and Sam and their most popular, the best web show iCarly won many Grammy awards and worldwide recognition. Want to become a famous blogger – use this series as an aid. Just want to have fun and relax – watch this series. Want to impress a girl, show her this masterpiece. 15 minutes and she’s already on you. Not sure how cool to celebrate a birthday with best friends – watch Icarly. All the seasons at once. You will not tear. Forget about the booze! Even food is not necessary. The series mesmerizes, devours the brain and gives a positive charge. And, dude, you’ll have new idols: the shocking Spencer and ingenious Fred. These guys will teach you how to dress stylishly and Express themselves.

I hope you will greatly expand your horizons and discover new things. You tried the editors From the first of April!

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