September 6, Moscow will host the festival «Bright People»

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2014_JzHholOXCM5dZIn the center of Moscow will gather many musicians, actors, mimes, living statues and artists in the framework of family-friendly activities to showcase the bright street art. Together they will conduct a colorful pageant and will give lessons their skills to everyone.

The event combines the best cultural and educational projects, talented artists and educators from Russia and Europe. The festival could be called the day of open doors in the world of creative professions.

The audience of the festival «Bright people» waiting for 25 theatres, 64 Studio, 9 museums, 6 art-mobiles on wheels, 10 large art objects, 3 carnival and flash mobs.

This year, the «Bright people» will visit Moscow for the third time.

The festival «Bright People» will be held on Neglinnaya street, from 13:30 to 22:30 and on 7 September from 14:30 to 19:30.

Main nails this brightest event of autumn – the British-Swedish-Finnish project Of Theatre Of Dolls, the Center of Afro-Brazilian culture and the international project «Cardboardia Country».

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