Senseless and merciless Russian plagiarism

In our time not made to say the word «plagiarism». It is now fashionable to speak of «adaptation». And these adaptations are much more than 10, but we took the most delicious. Why waste time on «My beautiful nanny» and «Not born beautiful» when you can sort through «Sniffer» and «Homeland.»

1. «How I met your mother» – «How I met your mother»


«How I met your mother» is the same «How I met your mother». Only if the American version was funny, kind, ironic and sometimes sad, Russian – boring, secondary, and tried to repeat the success in the framework of a single country. Only trouble is that copying a masterpiece happiness can not reach. Even imitating Barney Stinson. Barney is sacred. In the Russian version of his name was Yuri Sadovsky, he worked in the firm for the production of pile shell for tennis balls, and carries a mysterious identity that drives even the FSB. He was played by Alexander Smirnov – the man who diligently tried to show with your voice and flow, that in the guise of entertainer of the team of KVN «Parma» hides a great dramatic actor. Only Russian Sadowski (aka Stinson) loses his inherent charisma and looks pretty ridiculous, especially when it uses the phrase American hero, which sometimes do not fit into the Russian reality.

2. «Doctor Tyrsa» – «Dr. House»


Can send me to hell, and I liked that show. Yes, this film was created under the impression of «Dr. house». But the most unpleasant sensations in the area just below the back was due to the fact that Porechenkov Laura was not similar. To big of a cynic Misha was away, so his «house» was more like Winnie the Pooh and acquired traits of the romantic hero. Funny on the show left with virtually nothing. Solid drama and tragedy like the dead wife of the main character and a terminally ill young girl, taken under the care of a doctor with an incredibly sonorous name middle name Fedor Avgustovich (the hero of Sergei Gazarov, which plays in the Russian movie of all Jews, Caucasians and other comrades of exotic origin). The only thing left fun is the name of the doctor and some plot twists. Now, if the creators have not positioned themselves as «the answer «house», it would be the usual Russian series. And so I had to answer why the characters of the series is similar to the Western «colleagues».

3. «Flight» – «Flight» (though the name changed)


The epigraph to the film nicely trying to make excuses for trying to move events in the American prison in the Russian land: «All the facts are fictitious. Except for one thing – the human desire for liberty.»

Domestic «Escape» is more like conventional TV shows about crime, spinning on NTV. So, the protagonist is the engineer trying to rescue an innocent brother, accused of murder of powerful politician (in the Russian version was not killed by the Vice President, as in Russia, such a position is not, and the Minister of Finance) from prison and is sent to prison, pre-stuffed her scheme on your body. But in our version, of course, more attention is paid to the police and their investigation. But a prison in Russia looks much more terrible. But what is there to wonder.

Criticism of the game many actors who are unable to create images of colorful characters, comparable to the American heroes of the series. And some of the dialogue transferred from the American version of the old method of «copy, paste, do not always correspond to Russian reality.

But Vladimir yepifantsev again played the prisoner. He has already played such a role. Only action there was the brig, with her Brother… and by golly, if there was at least a couple of items from the «Green elephant», it would still have been a masterpiece. And if no one has seen the American original, it claims to show would be less.

4. Charlie – «Wilfred»

When «Family» plays in the history of relations between a young boy and a dog, which the guy somehow sees the talkative man in a dog costume, it looks like the story of the relationship similar to the German prisoner guy and funny man who worked as an animator in the dog costume.

And thanks to the censored adaptation, you could be successful. The full flavor of this amazing story has been lost. Even so, the Russian dog, Charlie, much more discreet than the original Wilfred that suits the main character Ryan, who rises to his hostess, endless problems. Charlie’s also more of a mentor who is engaged in education of the protagonist. While recognizable charisma Averina, it looks like adventure somehow disguised as a dog «Grouse» and bad carbons with Elijah wood.

5. Rodina – Rodina


Recently shown on national television adaptation proved to be extremely watchable. There are several reasons. First, the story more or less fits into the Russian realities. Secondly, the plot can be understood and accepted by the Ukrainian viewer and does not seem foreign product. Many actually did not know about the existence of the American prototype. And, thirdly, a great cast. Makovetsky, Mashkov and other comrades, even the annoying daughter of the main character, well played. It is believed that surpassed their foreign colleagues. But here let each decide, personally I thought both those, and others played on the level.

The military spent many years in the thrall of radical Islamists, and returns home a different person, and possibly even classified a terrorist. But our version, especially as it is now fashionable, «about patriotism», and the characters and intrigue – that’s another matter.

By the way, the American version, in turn, is an adaptation of the Israeli series «Prisoners of war». Unfortunately, he was not looking, so I can not judge. But knowledgeable people say that if you compare all 3 versions, then the American leader.

6. «The island of unnecessary people» – «Stay alive»


Everything here is simpler than in the original. Crash, the passengers survived on a mysterious island, all different and with their history, and they were in the middle of the ocean for a reason. In fact, it is the rabble of the 13 unproductive citizens, which decided to get rid of their relatives and friends. Here is borrowed rather the style and the General idea of «Staying alive». All these sudden memories from the past of each character, mixed reality, and other techniques. Yes, and the series is much shorter, which can not but rejoice. Here you can imagine Alexander Pankratov-Black, which is in the style of John Locke trying to learn the secret of the island and deal with the mysterious «black smoke»? So I can’t. No overextended limbs, the DHARMA Initiative and returns to the island. But the heroes of the people, everything is clear and interesting. True Russian «Sawyer» is not as good as the American that can not disappoint. But the Russian «Jack Sheppard» that the American was wildly irritated his emotion, that does not change from series to series.

7. «The other side of the moon» «Life on Mars»


When TV shows encroach on the names of legendary rock hits, falling a double responsibility. Here fans can not forgive, and the Music Gods will curse. But to the surprise of the British, who took as the title of a popular 70s hit David Bowie Tsekalo, borrow a known name in the Union only a few of the Pink Floyd album, not a mistake. If the English and American versions is clear, the Russian doubt. Until it start to look. Free adaptation is described the Soviet realities of the sample 70-ies, and the story itself did not disappoint. However, sometimes frankly frightened creepy bulging eyes of the main character played by Paul Derevianko. But this is a Russian TV series. Not all it should be good.

Is to say a big thanks to Alexander Tsekalo for a good product.

8. «Happy together» – «Married with children»


I can’t say anything bad about this «sitcom». Because this is a young man of Gena laugh, and he was beginning to understand and empathize with him. And still the dogs breeds the Bernese mountain dog we called simply and succinctly – «Baron». I look at loser Gene, I remember that series – the carbon copies of the American version, and I think: how come we have a lot in common. Although it is necessary to look for a Shoe clerk, contains a bunk an apartment, a car (though old), a wife and two children.

The full series see fart humor, vulgarity, and is based on the topic of sex, Boobs and beer.» But this does not mean that you did not laugh at him. I understand, I was young, and stupid. I was the same way.

But, perhaps, this is the first series in which the events unfold in Moscow, and in the glorious city of Yekaterinburg. Not to say that Yekaterinburg is more suitable for the adaptation of life to the tired American Shoe salesman (remember, «Happy together» is a complete, absolute, total, panachyda carbon paper). Apparently, just decided to diversify, they say, in other cities there is life.

But this episode gave us a wonderful poetry. I’m not talking about the verses of Asister… that is grandmaster of the Bit, and the poetry of Gennady:

I love it when a girls Tits shake

I love it when the money is in hands swim

I love it when kids not at home,

I love it when a free toilet,

I love it when the wife is gone forever,

I love when delicious food,

I love beer, champagne, and caviar!

And I hate this game!

9. «Sniffer» – «Lie to me», «Sherlock»


Another loose adaptation, this time «adaptator» smart enough to come up with my protagonist a very different superpower. You know what’s the secret? That is not an adaptation, but an independent project. And it is made in Ukraine by Ukrainians for CIS (and even a little for Israel). But this does not negate the fact that the hero, like two drops of water similar to cal Litman of «Lie to me». Not only that, the actor Kirill kyaro has a striking resemblance to the character Tim Rott, so he, like his hero, likes to put their talent to a standstill. It just does not like the authorities, believing a charlatan, but can’t live without it. Yeah, he’s no lab, subordinates, but has an ex-wife and child. And he for a split second to recognize who the killer is and who is not, and unlike Litman can’t get along with society.

In General it brings to mind «our everything» – Sherlock. However, in the «Sniffer» there are a number of problems. First, weak plot (more interesting to watch by the Sniffer than the way he solves crimes), and second, a kind of Kyaro far behind coming out of the lush charisma Rotta and Cumberbatch. In other words, he none at all, and all his attempts to give expression to the heroic traits are reduced to a smile, resembling fangs. But for trying to make his superdirective you can put at least a 6.5/10.

10. «Theoreticians» – «the big Bang Theory»


«Well… well, no, why?» – the first thing that begs to mind when you see this masterpiece. Much has been said on the topic of what a perfect series up to no good arguments! No, Belarusian counterparts blatantly stole the idea, the essence and dialogues. However, the author of the original series, Chuck Lorre, stumbled upon this masterpiece, and some ofigev from what he saw, wrote an open letter wishing the plagiarists burn with shame. As you know, the Belarusians have not paid a cent for adaptation that is very upset creators. But they can’t do anything because the manufacturer is owned by the government of the Republic of Belarus. And with the «but father» it is impossible to quarrel.

Well, what about the show? All attempts by former players of a once-cool KVN team «emergency» to make their characters funny «geeks» look pathetic. Plagiotaenia dialogues sound boring, recycled and unnatural. A Belarusian Sheldon is far from its American prototype.

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