Send ass your insecurities

manygoodtips.com_7.11.2014_a3J1wyHt0gd76Dude, we recently wrote about your insecurity. Let’s talk more about that. It is necessary still to develop a theme, and indeed it is time to deal with it. Unfortunately, without further incentive reason can’t do it.

We hope that you stopped to get a complex because of the size of your penis or duration of sex. I think we said enough about that for these reasons you should not even bathe. Instead of having to search for the answer on Google to the question «How to increase the member?», try to understand yourself.

So, I think it’s one of those motivational articles that will try to Wake you. But remember that its effect is completely dependent on you. Sorry, we can’t make you a successful businessman, if your ass is as before is hopelessly lazy.

1. Hating yourself

Down with the hatred and false accusations! However, now you look more like a whiny bitch: «I’m the shit, nobody loves me, I’m an asshole, I hate myself…» Maybe not literally, but something like that you were obviously talking to yourself.

Guys, of course, this does not apply to self-sufficient individuals. If you have a great woman in addition to an equally excellent sex, work, family, money, etc., then you are not here. Can immediately switch to browsing our wonderful friends.

Is there any sense in the statement that you are not to blame for their failures. Yes, that’s right! You are guilty only that are not doing anything to eliminate all these troubles. But that’s no reason to hate myself.

2. Announcing the enemy

No, it does not contradict the first paragraph. The enemy can be fought without a clear hatred. You’re just fighting for their rights, nothing personal. Alas, you will find the most terrible and hard battle. No, not with Sub-zero, and you yourself.

There are pluses in this: you don’t need any weapon except a working brain. Well, just a little. It is difficult now to continue to write about your plight, do you want to get the old Sonya, and play the same mortal Kombat… But we as before try to help.

You should take a lesson from us. We’re saying that in your Arsenal, the main weapon is willpower. If you’re not lazy and whatever became start to do some actions, sooner or later, come to success. A good prospect for you.

3. Dive into that shit

Absolutely every problem has its origins. If you dig all the history of his gloomy moods, you can get the interesting facts. You can even find a solution to the problem. So, if you are not lazy, try to get into all this deeper.

If you complex about the duration of sexual intercourse, about what we with you already spoke, then think about why it happened. Apparently you already know about it. In your head this idea was launched, one of the former girlfriends, which, in turn, notably hangs on any girly forums where they are due to the total nedotroga sloppy writing ridiculous articles in an embrace with a pink vibrator.

If your friend, should think, most likely she’s not the one at all times.

4. Gloat

Um… Yeah, we were not mistaken. There are always people who are worse than you. And don’t think you are surrounded only by compassionate citizens. This is very far from the truth. How about to look at even more unfortunate dudes?

No one will know that in your heart you quietly giggle over them, but your self-esteem a bit. But joke or not we decide. No. Well, seriously, almost everyone in the soul rejoices in another’s failure. We’re not talking about your family and other loved ones.

Rejoice the fact that the guy shat crow. Or the fact that your friend’s fat girlfriend. Maybe you have sex, and some don’t – this is a great reason for joy. As they say, everything is relative. Maybe your life is actually not as bad as all that?

After all, you probably tend to be dramatic. Most likely, this problem has nothing and no one will solve. Believe in yourself, at least a little. Show the world your smile, and do not care what you have crooked teeth with caries. Someone they do not. Another small reason for happiness, which was so necessary for you.

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