Self-defense techniques that can save your life

In traffic, in a dark alley, in the Parking lot — anywhere can be your clinical, in all senses, a degenerate, which will begin to touch you with a Shiv, a pistol, or get a bat. Threaten — it is easy, but to defend and protect themselves is not clear how.

How to disarm the attacker with the bat

Poradi.s.ua_2.09.2016_tSYBCF3O7b127The attack with the bat can be at times dangerous and tragic attack with a knife. The thing is that this piece of wood greatly increases the mass of attackers, and due to its size, making it very difficult to contact with the attacker. But if the bastard is it waving? And if he hit you in the head? Then worry, most likely, not have ever. If you manage to block his hands, in fact, you will bring the success of the operation by 50 %.

So, what are your options? There are always options, don’t be surprised. The first to run away at the first opportunity, what a God of wrath. The second option for the real Vikings to immediately shorten the distance. As long as you’re in range, you’re very impressionable. You can and will get hit, but not as strong because of the assassination will fail, and will arrive mid-bits, she doesn’t bite. And further — a trick, an attempt to knock down the enemy.

Don’t miss his bat, and drag working tool baseball player and autistic.

Best of all, when the distance is reduced, and the enemy is stunned, hit him with two hands on the neck. To beat the gentle, but the harsh part of the palm between the thumb and forefinger. If punch have a chance to miss or strike an inefficient blow, and efficiency grows as the onions on the muck. After that you can press with your thumbs into the eye sockets. Forget about the bat, at this distance it is useless. If you accurately perform attacks, the adversary will drop it, and then you can pick up and beat the bastard.

How to stop attacking with a knife

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2016_OcDluFQoi0lKjBut what is really bad news, but most people have no idea how to swing and fight with him. If your opponent holds the knife like he’s going to hit you, then most likely, his knowledge of knives is very superficial. And if the blade is aimed in your direction downwards, and he keeps it very confidently, like in Call of Duty, it is likely that the cut will be unpleasant. Contrary to what you might see on the Internet, several blocks and strike moves won’t work at all against a knife, if your opponent will act quickly. If you can’t run, and is forced to fight forward, find an object that can keep the distance (for example, your belt buckle which can be dismissed as Morgenstern). You can also wrap a jacket or sweater around your arm to protect yourself while you attack him.

If items is not at hand, even a bad branch is not found, it is necessary to take the situation and control of it in your hands and try to disarm the bastard.

There is a high probability to a cut in the process, and hope that the cut isn’t deep. You’ll be able to Dodge a couple of times, but you will not be able to continue indefinitely. This cut is likely to prevent more serious injuries.

You should try to grab the assailant’s hands or arms when he stands in front of you. Try to do it in the most unexpected moment, a little lull. As soon as you do, firmly and sharply reduce distance between you, making sure that the blade is not directed in your direction. You don’t have to let the hand with the knife was free, otherwise trouble is inevitable. Firmly grip it with both hands, trying to break the wrist, pulling the hand palm towards themselves and down. After such manipulation, the body automatically tends to the ground. Grab and drag is necessary above the wrist. Then quickly turn the hand back, pressing on the back of the knee, simultaneously twisting his hands. As they say, classic. The main thing is not to regret and not be ashamed to do it, he would not be sorry.

How to survive a gunfight

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2016_8wi1vTDaXsi8uWithout frequent practice all these ridiculous instructions like palm trees in Tver. It should become a reflex, second nature. There is no place, and most importantly time for error. Disarmament armed with a gun reptile can only happen in a small room, and only if the gun is within your reach. There’s no other way, that’s not a knife, not a bat, it’s a shot in the back while trying to escape. Here the question of life and death, and the choice is for you. But enough talk, we consider a frontal attack.

Distraction and control: you must control the situation, to act decisively and without hesitation. Inaction can lead to death, like any other manifestation of uncertainty or delay. There is a direct relationship between the attention of the enemy and his finger on the hook. If you can distract him, saying anything that comes in such a stressful situation heresy, his finger on the time off from the trigger. So, make the move, so to speak, in the process of speaking, yet his reflexes are slightly disturbed. If there is a possibility that he will begin to gesture — you wait for this moment.

Capture: to distract the attacker, these movements must be performed almost simultaneously. Clearing the mind, putting your torso perpendicular to the cannon of the bastard. This reduces the area of contact with the ball, if he did shoot. At the same time, grabbing with one hand the front part of the trigger guard, at the same time, as if trying to return the gun around and points the gun towards the attacker. Move your hand to the side, do not try to pull, as the enemy may grab it tightly enough to prevent movement, and then pull the trigger.

Disarmament: now, when the gun off target, you need to pull it back and down, while not forgetting the main rule is that the barrel must be aimed in a different direction from you.

At this point the pistol the trigger completely changes the power, because control over it anymore. At this point, you have to take the reins into their own hands.

Immediately after this, again go the distance to keep the thug at gunpoint. Moreover, the distance should be decent, otherwise, the criminal can pull off the same tricks, but with you. And it turns out some «Vile eight», damn it.

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