Seiko Brightz watch with atomic time correction

Seiko Brightz watch with atomic time correction


Time should be accurate? And what could be rather good hours at this time skillfully think? And nothing, except the clock that keeps time scary for sure!

We have before us a collection of watches «Seiko Brightz», which is presented in only one model — SAGA142. This watch is absolutely unique. The fact that they use a rare technology — radio course on atomic reference time, that is, they are very accurate. In addition, they run off solar energy. Don’t know cool it or not, but we in the editorial once more on the mechanics of the bars.

The watch will be released in an edition of 500 copies on April 26, 2013. A nice addition is that SAGA142 — antimagnetic watch, that is, they can easily work in any radiomagnitnyh anomalies. From scratches and other damage to the watch protected by a sapphire crystal with a special anti-reflective coating that transmits 99 percent of the visible light.

The watch dial is encrusted with seven diamonds. Of jewellery you can celebrate a bracelet from crocodile leather. In fact, the strange priorities of the creators: on the one hand, such a savage defense, and with another — somewhat a waste of resources for the diamonds and skin. Weird.

Incidentally, the value of hours — $ 2,700. Let’s wait and see who will buy.

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