Secure smartphone Casio G’zone


If you’re a fan of outdoor activities or extreme sports, it’s likely long ago lost count of how many times off in the last journey of his next gadget. For times like these «Dodgers», as you, clever engineers from Japan have made almost impossible to kill the product — secure smartphone Casio G’zone. Hobby enthusiasts of such pieces should be no limit, because in terms of quality and reliability of the Casio brand, well known worldwide for its brand of G-SHOCK, is in the same range of products the most famous manufacturer of rugged electronics Panasonic. As with all Japanese smartphones and phones, which is the mark of «Made in China», the final result of watching all those Japanese at a closed plant NEC-CASIO! What names, what brands!

Casio company is not new in the segment of secure phones, and the line has long been popular in Japanese and American markets. This model was produced only for three countries: Japan (Type-l), Korea (Ca-201L) and the USA (Commando s811). Unfortunately, the Japanese smartphone was not working in our country as it was intended only for the CDMA (and so would like, because it was a sticker made in japan). Korean version of CA-201l was discontinued in the spring of 2014, while American sommando that is produced under the local operator Verizon, is still in the ranks!

The model operates in 4 bands GSM and UTMS standards, so your smartphone will serve you faithfully as you travel across our country and the countries of Europe. Software smartphone is fully adapted for Russian users. The Casio Commando has a Russian menu and without problems works in tandem with any Russian mobile operator, but if you decide to buy rugged smartphone Casio somewhere over the hill, be prepared for what will have to be completely replaced. The price of this unit in the US buying «Globaly Unlocked» for Verizon is about$ 350, but this amount does not bite the pocket, in comparison with the cost of your equipment!

Now let’s take a closer look at the specifications of the smartphone. Casio G’zone is brutal, but compact body design. The smartphone runs on Android 4.1.2, has an 8 MP camera with autofocus and led flash (the flashlight), a four-inch screen with a resolution of 480×800, a loud signal, a slot for a microSIM and microSD, internal memory 16 GB, 1 Gb RAM, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS and battery capacity of 1800 mAh. It is interesting to note the presence of a built-in barometer, compass, pedometer, thermometer, which are not nominal features, developed thanks to the Casio G zGear utility which also tracks the length of daylight, Moonphase and is able to transmit information about changes in atmospheric pressure on the G-SHOCK watches, equipped with Bluetooth. As an additional effort you can see the battery made in japan, and among the sensor manufacturers – YAMAHA and BOSH!

With full dominance of Chinese Noname manufacturers of this product may surprise fans so many names with a capital letter and as a result of unique technological solutions! Probably a pretty average camera and battery life (a day without recharging with moderate use of the Internet) is the only drawback of this waterproof and shock apparatus. But if you wish you can buy original accessories for Casio G’zone, for example, extended battery 2920 mAh or the dock.

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