Secret society left their mark in history

manygoodtips.com_25.03.2015_YH4XbPH2QoPyOSecret community – a favorite theme of lovers of all kinds of conspiracy theories. They are easy to write off a historical «disasters» and unsolved crimes. However, such groups did exist and had a significant impact on both the society and the world of politics. For example…

1. Secret six


Mafia group and al Capone is one of the most famous gangster gangs in the history of American law enforcement. And many law enforcement officials wanted to take credit for the apprehension of these notorious criminals. Involvement in the death of Chicago mafia has proved all and Sundry, ranging from attorney from Iowa, George Johnson, and ending with the agent of the Ministry of Finance Eliot ness. And during these heated arguments no one noticed those who conducted this covert war against Capone. «Secret six» – a few of the Chicago businessmen who mafia specifically bothered to build a business, and these guys decided to restore order in the city. This community was established in October 1930 and bore the official name «Civil Committee for the prevention of and fight against crime». The leader of the group was a Federal agent, Alexander Jamie, a relative of the aforementioned Eliot ness. And it was on the tip and the request of Jamie, Elliot took this high-profile case and took all the laurels of the winner.

2. Secret Germany


Germany military and merzlotnykh years were extremely turbulent place, where serious economic problems and the Treaty of Versailles, which blamed the country at the beginning of the First world war, sowed political chaos, widespread discontent and confusion in all sectors of the population. Communist, nationalist and even centrist factions fought each other in the streets, while the intellectuals of other political groups gathered at the bar and discussed their philosophical views on surrounded the mess. One such group was the «secret Germany», whose leader was a famous poet Stefan George. It was called political guru, in his book «the New Empire», he outlined the ideal of a «spiritual aristocracy», and also portrayed the image of a dictator who dreams of a bloody war. In the future many members of this secret society became leaders of the resistance during the Second world war, including Claus von Stauffenberg, who tried to kill Hitler on 20 July 1944.

3. The Group Of Yu.N.


Although the term «fascism» usually conjures up images of Nazis marching in brown shirts in the streets of Berlin, this movement originated in Italy 20 years. Before this philosophy became a large political movement, it was a fragmented idea, causing heated debates between right-wing intellectuals. One of these ideologues was Julius Evola, a Sicilian aristocrat, philosopher, writer and occultist and esoteric. He viewed fascism as an instrument of destruction and transformation of the modern world, which he perceived as the Dark age of Hindu esoteric texts – the Kali Yuga. The society was composed of Italian intellectuals who have studied the esoteric and political tracts Nietzsche. Views Evola was a very eccentric, so he could not boast a large number of adherents even among the members of the National fascist party of Benito Mussolini. Soon Evola began to criticize the methods of the reign of Mussolini, but despite this, his movement became known, though small. The group has achieved recognition as an intellectual support of right-wing radicalism during the Second world war. And even today, the «UR Group» continues to affect certain segments of the far-right political movements.

4. Galleanisti

At the beginning of the 20th century, the United States and Europe have joined forces in the fight against terror, willing to suppress the Communists, socialists and anarchists, which did not give the current government a moment’s peace. Some representatives of opposition groups were content with peaceful demonstrations, while others practiced the so-called «propaganda.» It became the way of thinking of the Italian anarchist Luigi Galleani and his followers. Galleanisti are responsible for a string of bombings in the U.S. during the «red summer» of 1919, as well as suspected and not disclosed, the bombing of wall Street in 1920.

5. Banda Bonnot


Unlike other organizations in this list, the bonnot Gang terrorizing France between 1911 and 1912 years, is on the border between a secret society and a fairly simple criminal gangs. They robbed Paris’s largest Bank «Societe Generale», using semi-automatic guns and rifles, and then «donated» 10 percent «profit» on the case of the revolutionary struggle. The group’s leader, an anarchist and follower of illegalism Jules Joseph bonnot became the first person in history who used the car for criminal purposes and staged an epic race with the police. In the spring of 1912 the majority of gang members were killed in a large skirmish with the French army, and he bonnot was mortally wounded.

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