«Second Breakfast the hobbit»

Hysteria around the release of new megalopae Peter Jackson’s «the Hobbit» is huge. This is understandable: the author of the magnificent adaptation of Tolkien’s «the Lord of the Rings» filmed another book of Tolkien. Because the experience of Jackson in the film adaptation of high fantasy is, it’s safe to say that it would be cool.

Therefore, the capital of New Zealand to rename is not a sin at the time of the release of the first part. And much more to lose and do not sin.

Restaurant chain Denny’s specifically for the release of the first part of the trilogy «the Hobbit» will release a special menu which will be referred to only as «the Second Breakfast the hobbit.» Here I should explain that the hobbits from JRR Tolkien to eat very loved and ate as much as 6 times a day. Perhaps that is why they live much longer than humans? It makes sense to think of friend.

The menu will include «Chirskaya sausage», the «Helmet of the hobbit, the dwarves Dinner of Turkey with vegetables», «Bilbo’s Berry smoothie» sandwich «Gandalf Gobble Melt» pie «Harvest» hobbit Breakfast «hobbit hole», milkshake, «Fire in the Desert lands,» toast «the Treasure of the Lonely mountain» dessert «Pancakes Radagast Brown» and, of course, a huge Burger the Ring. Everything is themed and will make any fan of Tolkien to let avaricious man’s tears, which drops of a brilliant but battered armor.

Set will appear in the networks of Denny’s restaurant on November 8. And that theme is, man!

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