Scientists synthesized the kerosene from water and carbon dioxide

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The idea of producing artificial fuel with cheaper inorganic materials is not a new idea. Energy — limited resources, it is believed that they can recover, but this is unlikely to happen for a couple of decades. For fans there is good news: scientists from the project SOLAR-JET has indeed achieved impressive results in the synthesis of organic fuel.

The project SOLAR-JET could turn water with carbon dioxide in kerosene using the artificial sunlight, and advanced technology. The process, like any complex organic synthesis takes place in several long stages. In the first stage, scientists received a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which later was to be used as «prefabricated» for the production of fuel. Through a process of Fischer-Tropsch with this mix was getting the kerosene. The method of Fischer – Tropsch is a chemical reaction that occurs in the presence of a catalyst. In the process of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen formation of various liquid hydrocarbons. It should be noted that this method is not new: previously, scientists have managed to get all the oil of these substances, but previous experience with the use of filters with a red-hot coal was quite expensive, and the yield of kerosene as a product of the reaction was small.

At the moment the project SOLAR-JET is at an early stage. The amount of kerosene obtained as a result of synthesis, not more than a few liters, but the scientists plan to implement this method in industrial production.

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