Scientists learned how to grow teeth from stem cells

Hold.kom.ua_2.06.2014_HQb48nA5hW5ByThis is the best news that you can read on Monday morning! American scientists have found a way to make life easier for anyone who does not love or, let’s be honest, afraid to go to the dentist. They found that low-power light radiation is able to activate the growth of stem cells of the tooth. This discovery will help the development of not only dentistry, but also regenerative medicine.

If on the gum of the tooth to influence low-power laser stimulation of stem cells, and they begin to form cells of the dentine that form the basis of the tooth. The opening can be called revolutionary because previously for work with stem cells, scientists had to take them out of the body and grow tissue in the laboratory. Now to influence their growth can be directly inside the body.

The study of stem cells is one of the priorities of modern medicine: they can be used to treat a very difficult and specific diseases, and the discovery will surely make contribution to the solution of this problem.

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