Scientists have shown how to move the statues from Easter island

Many strange people still believe that the huge stone giants of Easter island — the handiwork of some sort of extraterrestrial civilizations. Perhaps it is because these people never truly worked hard, and maybe they just want to believe, do you think, friend?

To show unbelievers so that it is quite possible, anthropologists have created an exact copy of the 4-ton statue and, in fact, showed how the giants need to move.

To do this, they shot using a 3D scanner one of the moai (the so-called these ancient giants), made it a three-dimensional model and produced a concrete copy, as close to real moai.

The model put on one of the Central roads of the island and put it in a vertical position. The statue moved, shaking it from side to side on two huge ropes. From a distance it seemed that the statue was moved in small steps by herself. The third safety rope was anchored back to the statue, God forbid, did not fall back. In less than an hour, the statue was able to move a hundred meters. Over time, the ancient bro-architects had no problems.

What made scientists think that ancient statues were transported this way? The structure of the sculptures is that the centre of mass is located at the bottom and moved slightly forward so that the movement of it in this way is the easiest.

Most moai, which the ancients did not reach the place of accommodation, lie face down, where the road goes down and «face up» where the road rises. That in itself is amazing and makes you wonder.

But many scientists such reconstruction seems unconvincing. After all, there is another theory, according to which the statue was retrieved with the help of wooden strips, stops, and stretchers. In favor of this theory says that the structures of these devices need forest that is cut down.

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