Scientists have restored the ancient recipe of beer

he is the elder beer0096207731

Unknown the exact date when humanity began to grow, malting culture and the manufacture of beer. But we know exactly what the beer was and remains the true love of many people for thousands of years.

In 2010, the town of the Aland Islands in southwest Finland is lifted from the bottom of the sea five bottles of beer. They were on Board of the vessel, which sank as much as in 1840. This is serious, dude! Fortunately, at that moment, no one dared to celebrate their good fortune by drinking ancient drinks.

Dude, scientists from the technical research Centre of Finland VTT decided on a big deal: an analysis of the composition of the drink helped to restore the ancient recipe. This recipe is almost 170 years ago brewed a delicious beer, they were enjoyed by our ancestors. Now in the brewery on one of the Aland Islands under the name of Stallhagen (Stallhagen) is the same recipe. And we are waiting for the beer, dude!

he is the elder beer0089078550

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