Scientists have proved the importance of grandmothers in anthropology

There is a theory that the life of primates that are the ancestors of the people has increased as a result of caring for the offspring of older representatives of the pack, and not necessarily, there are these «old» relatives offspring. This theory was called «theory of grandmothers.»

Scientists have found confirmation through simulation, it is certainly absolutely not accurate, but it is expected that scientists will soon be primates were selected for full confirmation of this theory.

For some time researchers watched a small family of primates and found interesting details.

The lifespan of one individual from the pack was about 25 years. But monitoring the population, it was observed that one per cent of it is overpriced. And this percentage, taking the education of children over two years old, unwittingly becomes the grandmother. The opportunity to transfer their children to other trusted individuals has enabled women to have more children, hence increasing the number of animals with the genome of centenarians.

Scientists estimate that only 40 to 60 millennia lifespan of the offspring could rapidly grow to 45 or more years. Moreover, the life expectancy increased even regardless of the growth of the brain. All thanks to the «grandmothers».

Scientists believe that the emergence of the human phenomenon of grandmothers and the ensuing increase in life expectancy was related only to climate change. According to them, prelude, faced with droughts, was faced with a choice: either they migrate after shrinking forests, where small (not infants are able to subsist on fruits alone, or they travel to Savannah, where the food of juveniles is completely dependent on adults. In the latter case this has led to the emergence of care for the offspring in later ages and the related growth of life expectancy.

Grandma is cool, man.



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