Scientists have invented a way to test whether we live in the Matrix or not…

Foreign scientists bro again can not sit still. Instead of the long-awaited cancer drugs and assholes, scientists have invented a way to check the emulation of the universe. Put simply, they found a way without painful exit from the matrix to check whether we are inside it or not?

Go on a lot of big words, dude.

Scholars approached the issue of the simulation from the point of view of physics. Bro suggested that the calculation of super computers of the future are based on the quantum chromodynamics on a discrete numerical grid with very small spatial resolution. Now the simulation of this kind is carried out for areas with a diameter of several femtometres in increments of 0.1 femtometer. According to the calculations of physicists, an area the size meter on the same step of the current growth rate of computing power can be modeled through 140 years.

If we assume that the universe is a matrix, then the spectrum of cosmic rays at certain energies should be open. Notably, this cliff really is the limit Grayzena — Zatsepin — Kuzmin, who is 50 exoelectrogenic. To ensure that this limit was an artifact of computer models, the spatial step should be to 11 orders of magnitude smaller than existing models.

In addition, the distribution of cosmic rays should inherit the symmetry of the grid, which hosts computing. As a result, for example, if the cubic grid, the distribution must be an anisotropic strongly.

But when the authors wisely asked: «how, gentlemen-scientists, it is in practice to do that?», — dudes went to answer, not saying anything. It seems that we still live in the matrix, man…

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