Scientists have discovered new mechanisms that affect blood pressure

Scientists have discovered new mechanisms that affect blood pressure. High blood pressure accompanies or leads to a number of cardiovascular diseases that top the list of causes of death in developed countries. Abuse of salt has long been considered a risk factor, but not always, it involves the occurrence of hypertension. Scientists for quite a long time engaged in the search for other causes of high blood pressure, and here the American researchers managed to find new mechanisms.

Connective tissue

The balance of water and salt are important for the health of the body. The key factor is the kidneys, which regulate blood volume by determining how much water will stay in the body, and how much you will receive. Professor Jens Tietze from Vanderbilt University found that skin and immune system is equally important.

It turned out that sodium can be stored in the connective tissue of the skin, and its concentration may be higher than in the blood. This means that its balance is regulated by not only the kidneys but also through other mechanisms. Macrophages — cells of the immune system that can recognize high sodium levels in the skin. They activate a gene that is responsible for the allocation in the skin vascular endothelial growth factor in a significant number (VEGF-C). VEGF-C controls the growth of lymphatic vessels that transport fluid and sodium. Due to the significant amounts of secreted factor stronger vessels grow in the skin to move as much sodium.

During experiments on mice and rats, this mechanism was blocked, with the result that the animals developed hypertension. Obviously, the immune cells regulate salt balance and blood pressure. In addition, it was discovered that in the skin of hypertensive patients contained a significant amount of salt.

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