Scientists have come up with an alternative way to breathe under water


What could be better than scuba gear, developed in the modern form of the famous Cousteau? Pundits decided not to stop there and created an alternative way to breathe underwater. Although, if you think he’s not that alternative.

The opening was preceded by two years of research and experiments. They were crowned with success. The result is a Guinea pig could stay under water for another 15 minutes, after he ran out of oxygen, which comes to the animal directly into the blood of the attached bubble. Enter the verification dose O2 was minimal, because the large amount of oxygen in the vessels could kill a rabbit easily. Seventy percent of the oxygen entering the blood of the animal with a mixture of lipids, reached the brain in about 4 seconds.

In fact, Bunny wasn’t breathing, but thanks to the oxygen his body was still technically alive. His heart and lungs continued to function.

These studies will find their application, not likely in scuba diving and medicine to prevent death due to heart failure or brain injury.

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