Scientists explain why men with guitars attract the ladies


Somehow we recently wrote about how to learn to play the guitar to attract the females even more (do not make excuses for you and studied!). You can read it here.

Dudes from the French University of southern Brittany came to the conclusion that guys with guitars attractive to friends, when I had one interesting test. They gave twenty years to the guy up the guitar case and released him on the street, so he met a girl and asked for the phone. Then they sent the guy and gave him into the hands of the sports bag and also let him outside to hunt for cherished number plates. The third time the guy went on a hunt empty-handed.

Only 20-year-old man tried to meet 300 girls 100 in each attempt. Here are the results: 30 girls gladly gave the guy my phone number when he was holding a guitar. 10 girls — when his hands were empty, and 9 when he held the gym bag. Not a lot. Though the experiment is, frankly, a dumb, the researchers did not consider that the guy might be ugly, that girl that got in his path were not free or on the streets not familiar with. But still make some conclusions.

By the way, not so long ago the guys from Israel were added to the friends of the girls. If ava was a guy with a guitar, girl added much more readily. The researchers came to the conclusion that playing the guitar is connected with the mating rituals of courtship. By the way, once upon a time research was conducted, which revealed a correlation of testosterone levels of musical abilities. Play the guitar.

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