Scientists dudes found… Cthulhu?


Actually, Cthulhu a bit disappointing. Lovecraft came up with a terrific mythology: Shab-Niggurath, Azathoth, shoggoth, Ancient — lots of entirely original creatures in a very original novels, and became popular only Cthulhu. With the majority of people who say «Cthulhu zahavaet», I have no idea about who he is, this Cthulhu.

But scientists from the scientific journal «PLOS ONE» in all seriousness claim that they found… Cthulhu. In all seriousness, dude! And the termites! No, we don’t need to sleep or drink coffee, these guys seriously found the creature, which was called «Cthylla microfasciculumque». Creating is the simplest type of little bug that lives in the digestive system of termites and helps them to process wood. Why Cthulhu? Look at this creature, man, and tell me: how it can be called differently? He seems like a strange appendages on the head, which give it the appearance you know with whom.

Scientists themselves admit: they called it a creation to draw attention to his discovery, because this actually wonder that discovered a microbe?


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