Scientifically proven facts about sex

manygoodtips.com_21.03.2014_G8A5FROn2Ru66As with any topic, relationships, and sex has acquired a mass of cliches: «In the sea plenty of fish», «Beauty is in the eye of who sees it, everyone has a soul mate.» But some of them have a point — do not rush to wave at anyone who’ll tell you another banality.

1.Contraception alters female taste about men

If a woman drinks the pill, she likes other men than when she tablets not drink. Studies show that the case of smell. A woman on the pill can literally sniff out a man homologous genes that without pills do not smell. Homologous genes partner makes a woman less satisfied and more prone to cheating, but the pills relieve the cravings. However, the woman stopped taking the tablets, may grow cold to partner even more than before taking the pills.

2.As a result of evolution, women are attracted to funny men

Have you heard that women like men who can make them laugh? If you’re a funny guy with a good sense of humor, surely you could reap the benefits of these trends, even knowing that this state of Affairs is the result of thousands of years of evolution. Scientists at Stanford medical University examined the brains of children aged six to thirteen years. In the study, children were shown a funny video with falling humans and animals that perform different tricks. So this is the best study of all time! Then the children showed less interesting video, for example, how people ride bicycles. Scientists have found that humor is much stronger imprinted in the brain and the amygdala girls than boys. So on the first date it is important to be trifled with.

3.Men like women in red

Just remember the rhyme from nowhere: «the Girl in red, give us miserable». You probably didn’t know that women in red attract men more than women in clothes any other colours. A study conducted by the American journal of social psychology, proved this fact. They took 120 men and divided them into four groups of 30 people each. They all looked at the pictures of the same women with only one difference color put on top of them. Men are more like women in red because they believed that they were more likely to have sex with them on the first date.

4.People use Dating sites to find your soul mate

And we thought it was something like a butcher shop, where everyone chooses a biological specimen to meet their natural needs. After analyzing over 400 studies of online Dating, the scientists came to the conclusion that in fact people there not looking for a sexual partner, and soul mate. All because they have unreasonably high demands on others.

5.Women prefer men with guitars

Dudes who play in bands, as a rule, do not suffer from lack of female attention. It’s not just a stereotype — it’s a scientifically proven fact. The study, published in the journal «Psychology of Music» showed the following results. A cute guy came up to the women, smiled, gave them a compliment and asked for a room. In one case, he was holding a sports bag, in the other case from the guitar in the third — nothing. Women are much more interesting to meet a musician than an athlete! Moreover, sports bag showed the result is even worse than empty hands. Another study showed that women pay more attention to the accounts of dudes in Sistah if the pic shows a guy with a guitar. Why? It is believed that women find men more intelligent, interesting and delicate nature. It’s time to learn a couple of chords!

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