Science believes that to be manipulative and m*a duck is a great idea

Who could argue with science? Almost anyone. Despite the fact that to be selfish is bad, science says that this is a very good idea. Cute guys, veterans of the friend zone and other altruists to be successful in love, you will have a lot and lie inspiration.

Researchers from Portugal have tried to determine why some people pay more attention and often fall in love with them. Suddenly it became clear that success with the opposite sex affects two behaviors. The first eye-catching feature fellow games, manipulative behavior, ability to hold on to a girl in an uncertain relationship (the friend does not understand, began relationship or not and how serious they are). The second feature is possessiveness and jealousy. This behavior seems the woman is more correct and interesting due to the fact that it is possible to row, to cry in the corner and complain about boys of the friend zone. The cause of these advantages, researchers saw that people are bored and girls think the described behaviour is correct.

We still want to meet that m*a duck and authoritarian man is a bad idea. Women you attract, but you and another one globe to go.

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