Schwarzenegger has said it is ready to replace Obama

Work.kom.ua_5.06.2015_Ga5fXGCmy7HVeThe favorite of the world Arnold Schwarzenegger openly, unabashedly declared that would do a very good job of U.S. President is better than the current inhabitants of the White house.

I wouldn’t trade places with anyone. But we all know: if I were born in America, probably would have run for the presidency. Why not? I would do a better job than the guys who are now sitting in the White house, believe me!For those who don’t know, the coming election of a new President of the United States. But there is one big BUT: Arnie may not take part in them. The fact that the ruler of the 50 States can be people of any skin color, but born in the United States. Only in the United States. Mr Schwarzenegger was born in the picturesque village of Thal near Graz. And is all this beauty in Austria.

In the US we had several proposals on the nomination of Schwarzenegger as a presidential candidate and the relevant amendments to the Constitution. As recognized by Arnold, he supports this initiative and is not averse to compete for the presidency, but believes that before his death to adopt the amendments will not succeed.

Although during his gubernatorial activities in crisis California he once faced with criticism, the people he loves, and the result of his political activities in General is considered satisfactory, because some problems is directly dependent on the global crisis. But nobody argues with the fact that Arnie has made a Herculean effort to save the state.

Schwarzenegger, despite the fact that he is married to Maria Shriver belonging to a powerful and influential clan Kennedy remains an ardent Republican, although many of his colleagues in the kinotsekh traditionally support Democrats. Arnold and the Democrats do not like. Like gay marriage and illegal immigration, and the war in Iraq. But supports the legalization of marijuana (but only for medical purposes) and loves the Armenians that proved at the time of his political career, appointing the week of memory of victims of genocide. Although the President of the United States the genocide was not recognized. A large Armenian community in California was very pleased. Serj Tankian was happy.

It would be interesting to look at the Schwarzenegger-President. In any case, he would not have been worse than the other actor, who have seized the White House – Ronald Reagan.

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