Sberbank wants to sue the pensioner for radioactive banknotes

61-year-old Elena Kryzhanovskaya 22 September withdrew the money in the branch of the Bank, came home and put them under the pillow, because every pensioner it is obvious that under the pillow money will be safer than in a savings Bank.

The house the woman had a personal dosimeter that she doesn’t trust anyone checked the products purchased in the store. And then suddenly the device started to go off-scale. The woman quickly found the source of heavy metals: it was bill.

Arrived on the scene, emergency workers found that the dose of radiation exceeded the norm by almost 20 thousand times, that is, in fact, were comparable to, that obtained with nuclear power plant accidents

Sberbank intends to sue Moscow pensioner, as no traces of residual radiation in his office they found.

However, don’t worry, this claim is unlikely to be satisfied: the company «radon», which conducted the study, confirmed that the banknotes in all seriousness was infected.

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