Says Iggy Pop

Porada.kom.ua_16.09.2015_jqu3D19WwynEEIggy Pop is the musician’s name, and the name of the public, and the synonym of folly in one person. His whole career he shocked the society, and, in fact, it was the old Iggy showed how to behave on stage, the rock star. The grandfather of punk rock, the father jumps into the crowd and just a respectable person, which in his later years, despite a body like a crumpled package, gives such a show would envy the youth. In the years of youth in his beautiful eyes crazy girls. Now their grandchildren are crazy about his music is rough, uncouth, but the big Iggy.

About motivation

When I was in the mental hospital, my therapist gave me a tip that I often use. He said: «Before doing something, think if you’ll be able to get out of it». Good morals for our time. This Board brought me a lot of good.Anyway, Iggy is well over 60, and against all odds, he is alive and well and even has the strength to speak. Although the public thought he will end up in the madhouse, or die from overdose.

About the benefits

I have no particular preference. I prefer five dollars to three dollars. Here, perhaps, and all.Perhaps the most famous quote Iggy, his motto in life. It’s important to remember that every dollar goes to him with great difficulty.

Of self-sufficiency

In the toilet I piss quite rare. I almost always piss in the backyard or in the garden, because I like to piss on their private property.First, it is good to save water. Second, there is nothing that unites man with nature, as a process of relief. Well, and to feel its power is priceless.


About the relationship with his wife

I tell my wife all sorts of battle stories, never keep anything from her. I think that’s right, because if someone wants someone to know he must feel really knows. Well, it turns out that the coefficient of shame has long been falling, and pure joy – is growing.Be careful, it works not with all wives. Apparently, the wife of Iggy is extremely wise. In the end, she knew what was coming: who is Iggy Pop, and what kind of lifestyle he leads, they know everything. But your girlfriend is not the fact that like history. This Iggy can tell you how to participate in orgies, publicly defecated, drank what not to drink, and was using her hand at the Elvis. You’re not allowed.

About the life of a rich man

The more money I have to loaf around, the less I’m here and there lurking.Common case. The taste of triumph is not as sweet as the climbing itself. To dream of feasts sometimes better than walking.

About the value

If I have my gear for $ 500, I can wear them up to complete destruction, this is who I am.For those who don’t know: Iggy grew up not in the house, and in the trailer. And since then, knows how to appreciate every cent I’ve ever earned.

About friendship

I have never had this macho aversion to fag, but I Bowie? Never, never, never, never.But they are best friends. By the way, the famous «La-La» in the song «Passenger» sang Bowie. Anyway, thanks to producer Bowie, Iggy was able to return to the previous level of fame.

About the parent Council

Best advice from my father I received recently. I was trying to decide what woman to link her life, and he said to me: «Listen to the medulla oblongata, he will tell you what to do.» I asked my medulla oblongata, and he said, «Grab on to this Nigerian-Irish chick. Don’t miss this baby!»Honor your father. Only the closest person will tell you what is a Gal to fill up.

About achievements

I still do not feel that I achieved everything. I’m all the time happy. The feeling achieved, occurs in me only when I listen to some of his tunes, and I like it. The rest is ephemeral. In one evening it’s nice when you pour a glass of wine for free in the other when fed in the third when just patted on the shoulder, but by and large it all betwixt.Maybe if Iggy would be pleased, he would not have been so crazy and plastic these days.

About the business of life

What to do when you’ve finished the business of life? Look at all the good in the morning.…And understand that you are still really ahead.

About the magic of his work

All I see when I look in front of a bunch of nerds, or stir them, or I’ll kill you.To the second is not reached, because Iggy can stir even those for whom music is a dark forest.


On the way

Many who tried to have me bereisheet.But that did not happen. Iggy says that musicians who studied his demeanor, he was perceived as competitors. It was forced to reconsider all his actions, which sometimes went too far.

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