Saving money is a discipline can brag about your accomplishments, but what good will that do if you’re hungry? What you boast, if you just pull all the money and are unable to accumulate even a chandelier or a poster of Igor Nikolaev? No extra money — please accept my sincere condolences: «you are to blame, not you internal discipline.Saving money disciplinarum not worse soldiers drill. But by and large it is not much different from the diets or daily exercises. There are no secrets in the art of saving money, there’s nothing that you’ve never heard of, no life-changing revelations and secret techniques, no tricks — only psychological preparation and effort over himself.

Some would say that collecting money is incredibly complicated and stupid, it is better to enjoy every minute and spend them as soon as they touched the wallet.

For God’s sake, it’s your right, but looking at the people who are crazy in the world economy have lost their jobs, cars, homes and even families, could not help think that extra million for a rainy day never hurts. Why not to try, because there is nothing supernatural in this. It is always nice when the bins are hanging thousand.

For those who understand how to save money, but cannot set aside the required amount given three simple rules rapid accumulation, approved and tested as a people and economists:


1. To save money, you need to clearly imagine what earned funds. Determine what you’re willing to save, and what — not. Make a list of mandatory spending and to reduce other costs to a minimum.


2. It is important to systematically save money. Painless you can defer 10-15% of revenues. To get money, you need to put 2-3 times more (real to save up to 30%). If income does not allow you to defer 30% of the earnings, you need to look for a part-time job.


3. In any case, don’t touch the money, which lay on a major purchase or store for a rainy day. It is best to put the money in the Bank on Deposit, which cannot be removed until the end without losing interest.The first thing to do away with the apparent error «If I make a lot of money, then I can defer much more» is absolutely untrue. Some say they already have a limited budget from which they will not touch a penny, but a budget does not imply a savings. Budget budget strife, and if by that you mean reckless spending on an industrial scale every heresy, then hurry to disappoint you. As mentioned earlier, saving money is a discipline and like most disciplines, it requires dedication.

So, there is one outrageously simple, but effective exercise that did not reduce your budget, will not require you to earn more and does not require you to give up anything significant in life.

Let’s start with one day a month, when you have to do one simple thing. Before you go to sleep, take ten roubles from his purse and put them in a drawer. Now repeat this procedure daily for a month. Oh, forgot to say, in the morning they need to get out of the box, let them lie. For 99% of working people is not a problem, even for those who give their entire salary to the mother, wife and the other personalities.

And now look how much you have accumulated there. 300 rubles — not so bad. Yes, it’s not even a thousand, but as the Chinese say, » a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Don’t think after this procedure you immediately know the secrets of the economy. You need to be patient and continue to learn how to build truly.

The second came a month and you have already touched the concept of discipline and patience, and therefore ready to raise rates. At this time, twenty rubles. Not such small money: they can buy the cake in transit, or to travel to the Krasnodar tram and this isn’t a joke. Continue to hammer the gold box for exactly one month. In the end, you’ll have 900 rubles for two months.

And next month the rate will rise even more — up to 50 rubles. Fifteen hundred is no joke.

Gradually, you will understand that it is quite easy to do without these half a thousand, and that you can tighten their belts and to defer more. In principle, this can continue as long as you’re not emaciated or have not found your limit.

At some point comes the realization that many things that you are, you don’t need. They don’t have to go to Starbucks and drinking coffee easier and tastier than food from McDonald’s is actually inferior to the coveted Sudoku that you drag to work from home. Think about the fact that 1,500 per month is 18000 rubles annually. And if we delay more? If the salary allows — postpone, because the money is not a fish, they will not rot and stink. Better to be a miser with one hundred thousand under the mattress, than the generous poor man, constantly climb up into the debts.The secret of this great method in the discipline elementary discipline. Savings — itself a discipline, so just focus, there’s nothing complicated and amazing.

But how would you not deferred and that would not be collected — remember that you must always have a penny on entertainment and fun. Prostitutes, booze — we don’t care how you play, but if you’re going to postpone, abandoning the joys of life, then what good is it to collect something? Most likely, you turn into Scrooge McDuck and one day break his neck trying to swim in a pool filled with money.

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