Save mother nature: the stick decompose


Some bro recently concerned that will come after us. Whether our descendants to live in a sea of waste, while the children play among the garbage heaps? Will be covered if the ecology of the copper basin, and the species of animals and plants will go down in history? A commendable trend. Dudes trying to recycle batteries and low energy light bulbs, and some offer… decompose USB devices.

The housing of these devices are made of cheap paper pulp, which is poured into molds and protects the filling against mechanical impacts. This device can be a modem though USB flash drive. Dude, by the way, say, that the stick can be up to 64 gigabytes that life is more than enough. The «guts» of flash drives is also, according to the creators, decomposed and destroyed.

Devices will cost around 30 dollars. On Kickstarter, seems to have collected the necessary sum.

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