Sandwiches to take to work

Sandwiches to take to work

Every weekday somewhere in the middle of the day when it’s time to go for lunch, you think, «What the hell I’m going back to this diner?» True, it was possible to take and make myself something, standing for half an hour in the morning before work. Some lucky dudes and their girlfriends regularly supplied with provisions. Cool, when you Wake up, your lunchbox is ready. But the harsh life alone requires you to be independent. You can, of course, to prepare some stew or make soup, rasfasovka food jars. But eat this kind of food at work is not very convenient, so it will have to be limited to simple to prepare and delicious sandwiches. Everything is very accessible and satisfying, which is very important for quality health.

1. Sandwich with meat and pickled cucumber

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2015_Pgo56nrK0qnNzSimplicity is not always bad, but Basil can significantly improve the taste of the meat.


– a piece of pork meat without bone (one steak is enough);

– 1 hot pepper;

– pickled cucumber;

– oil for frying;

– mayonnaise;

– Basil (dry take);

– a quarter teaspoon of salt;

– a quarter teaspoon of red pepper;

– bread (it is better to take for sandwiches).


Slice thin strips meat, heat up a frying pan and fry the simplest way our pork. Salt and pepper, add immediately after the meat is on the pan, but the Basil towards the end. Get ready has quickly if you’re cut thin enough. Most importantly, do not make the fire too large, otherwise instead of meat you get embers. Cut the bell pepper into thin rounds, and a cucumber, lengthwise, as thinly as possible. Then everything is very simple: is clamped between two slices of bread, pieces of fresh fried meat, and other toppings.

We like to go for the gusto, so we take the hot peppers.

2. Sandwich with smoked salmon

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2015_zxmd6mZQUH0bdYou know that fish is good. Salmon is one fish that you eat, even those who are not particularly fond of fish. Because salmon is delicious, and that’s it.


– smoked salmon fillet;

– mayonnaise;

– celery;

– capers;

– the grated rind of a lemon;

– black pepper;

– lettuce;

– black bread.


You can take and fresh fillets. To prepare it, you need only 6-8 minutes in the oven heated to 230 degrees Celsius or in the microwave. Filleting is best on a special paper for baking. When the fillet has cooled, put it on a slice of black bread and mix with the remaining ingredients. The proportions can be varied depending on personal preference, but you have to understand that the key to this sandwich is the salmon, its flavor should be leading. If you have enough time, you can first mix all the ingredients (except fish) into a kind of paste (using a blender), and then spread on bread.

3. Sandwich Apple

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2015_Il7bdgDZ90IHYHere have a sandwich with meat and want something sweet. A friend took a chocolate bar in the store, but the guy needs to be another sandwich in this case. Cooking is very simple, and consists of the simplest ingredients. Make 4 pieces.


– 1 green Apple;

the bread for sandwiches;

– hard cheese (Russian, Cheddar);

– vegetable oil;

– 2 eggs;



To begin to break two eggs in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and thoroughly mix all until smooth. Roll the bread in egg on both sides. Meanwhile heat up a frying pan and pour in her vegetable oil. To get started just a little fry bread to the egg is not poured out of him. Then put on each piece of bread a piece of cheese and a layer of apples (the apples should be cut as thinly as possible), then a layer of cheese, and finish this thing the second piece of bread. Again put it in a pan, fry should be somewhere in 5 minutes, not forgetting one time to turn. The bread should be lightly browned and cheese is melted. Dessert for dudes ready. You can still add the cinnamon, say, with apples excess it never will be.

4. The Elvis Sandwich

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2015_MTmL057GLpiVXElvis Presley was very fond of good and a lot is about what we wrote. Here’s the recipe for his favorite sandwich. If it’s too much and you don’t want to get really fat, can reduce the number of ingredients in two or even three times.


– white bread;

– 4 banana;

– 8 tablespoons of peanut butter;

– 8 tablespoons of butter;

– bacon (optional).


Make mashed bananas, although I could cut into slices. One slice of bread and put creamy peanut butter and another banana. Combine the pieces of bread, and then fry the sandwich in butter until Golden brown. In General, Elvis is not particularly steamed about the food, and the theme with archiso-banana sandwich was tasty and filling. In our country, peanut butter is not sold in every store, but in larger markets you can find. You can still add the bacon which should be pre-cooked.

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