Sandwich with egg, asparagus and cheese

If you’re trying to eat healthy food, then you can have a collection of sandwich recipe with egg, asparagus and cheese. Asparagus contains large amounts of vitamins, are source of dietary fiber and powerful antioxidant. Don’t want to grow old to eat asparagus.

To create this sandwich you will need:



cheese (any solid that you like);


1. Boil the asparagus

First of all, you need to boil the asparagus. Immerse it in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, then take it out and dip it in ice water (water with ice cubes), so that it remained crunchy.


2. To make the bottom part of the sandwich

Only a piece of bread to put the asparagus and sprinkle with grated cheese, lightly toasted in a pan or on the grill, so the cheese melted.

3. Make the upper part of the sandwich

For this cut in the second portion of the piece of bread round (a glass). Put it on a heated pan, break the circle, the egg and lightly fry.


4. Join the two parts of the sandwich

As you have learned, you need to connect the bottom and top of the sandwich so that the yolk was on top.


5. Eat and enjoy

Sandwich with egg, cheese and grilled asparagus is ready, eat and enjoy. Bon appetit!


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