Samsung MX-F730DB

Samsung MX-F730DB, home sound system should be such that when viewing the Lord of the rings you want to dress up in armour and watch the fight from somewhere under the sofa, and listening to the concert of «Metallica» should bring about the same emotions as the visit to the live concert. Well, at least in terms of sound – live Hatfield delivers more emotions.

This beauty is able to issue such a sound that your neighbors will create the impression that they are not in your cozy «kopeck piece», but somewhere in Tushino.

For those who love football, it is also highly recommended to obtain such beauty. The new Caster EQ EQ improves the quality of speech of the commentator, if you select Stadium EQ, thanks to which clearly can hear what the commentator says and its surrounding fans.

Appearance also want to the classic oldschoolness: two-column and so-called «mission control Center». But this is not the trump card.

As you know, Apple products are not particularly friendly with the products collected not in Cupertino. However, Samsung immediately found with bluetooth Apple of his worst enemy and has started to work together without any lags and problems. What to speak about other smartphones and devices. So you can easily upload music from your phone and listen to it in full.

Well, that device can connect to computer and use as a normal column, I think, to say no. Actually, how about the fact that the center can be used as a radio and karaoke. For particularly demanding in this system has a function of recording radio programs, which you can find on the Internet. But if you really want, you can write.

Look at the features:

Format speaker system – 2.0

Total output power – 550 watts

The number of bands front-acoustics – 2

Frequency range 22gc-20 kHz

Case material basic acoustics – MDF

Disc – CD, DVD

Number of loaded discs 1

Support optical disc formats – CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD±R, DVD±RW

Supported formats – DivX, DivX HD, JPEG, MP3, VCD, WMA, WMV

Power consumption – 50 W

Of course, this is not the best system, which was created by the hand of man. Has its disadvantages: many who questioned the weekend of 550 watts. But in its price range is one of the best equipment. And if you’re not particularly whimsical, wealthy, if the trunk of your car for 2/3 blocked with audio, this music centre is fine.

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