Sad story on why you need to sleep

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Sleep is vital, man, to, for example, not to fall asleep at important place, to have a good memory and feel good. Not to be mean, what is more important. And still very dangerous, in our opinion, is the ability to make many mistakes, if you don’t sleep enough.

222 222 222,22 Euro. A decent amount, right? It accidentally turned the employee of a German Bank in Frankfurt-on-main when he dozed off on the keyboard, pressing «2». The idea he was supposed to transfer of 64.2 Euro, but somehow got carried away, and why? Need to sleep more. 222 million Euro (we wrote that you didn’t bother to count the zeros) received some unknown and happy man.

The most unpleasant in this situation that you were fired, 48-year-old woman who worked in a Bank for about 30 years and had control of everything produced in this operation. Most interesting is that the dude that messed up, if nothing was done.

But all ended well: a woman went to court, which ruled that she is not to blame, as a day run through it with a minimum of 800 operations. It was restored, and justice is again established.

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