Sacha Baron Cohen — negerai?

Sacha Baron Cohen — negerai?


I actually still don’t know how to treat this man. On the one hand, certainly a talented fellow, a provocateur and a good actor no matter where. But on the other hand, all of these extremely inappropriate jokes that are not just below the belt, but much below the belt put me in a stupor. Laugh at genital-fart jokes, if not a sin, it just krasnovato, man! On the other hand, Sasha Baron very pretty well to make jokes, even vulgar and to be such a provocateur, even where.

Our hero is an English Jew and a part-time comedian was born in the coolest area of London called Hampstead London (Hampstead Garden Suburb). Education the-Jewish-paupers was beautiful — an elite private school, a great College with a minor in history, located in Cambridge. To rebel against the Arabs and all those who offend the Jews, which seems to be pretty difficult to offend, the future comedian started in College. However, who was not involved in 17-18 years, all unnecessary activity? The guy participated in a Jewish youth movement Habonim Dror and even advocated for the civil rights of Jews in the United States at various chainages. In contrast to the Fig most people, Sasha quickly realized that he needed in life, and what he loves most. That something turned out to be actor’s career, and the man along with his studies, he played in the student theater. After College, Sasha founded with his older brother Comedy club, where she first began to push jokes from the stage. The guy knew what he wanted in life!

It was a

The first appearance of Cohen on British television was the participation in the program «the Jack Dee and Jeremy Hardy» in role of the Albanian journalist. It became clear, whence feet grow Borat Sagdiev! Three years ago, back in 1998, a man appeared on another British show 11 o’clock Show in the role of the British rapper Ali g, which he managed to obtain the award, a British Comedy. Quick career dude! I’m not an anti-Semite! Dude almost immediately gets his own show on MTV, called «Da Ali G Show».

Who is Ali g? It is an ordinary English guy who considers himself EMSI, decimated by the black, wants to get laid and lives in a town near the East End. It’s pretty stupid, but still interesting character, loves you’re tripping, recalls in a conversation of their former Chicks, sometimes terribly annoying. What are you doing this character and why he made Him so popular? In fact, he first introduced the fashion for polls unsuspecting people ridiculous daft questions. During the interview, Cohen makes a lot of strange, is absolutely incorrect and behaves like any white MC from East ed. With the show the man moved to the USA where it became the famous HBO.


In parallel, Cohen starred in the clip in the role of Ali g in most of the Madonna!!! And two times is MTV: once the image Ali g, the other in the manner of Borat.

Speaking of Borat. Borat — it is also very peculiar character. Previously, he was one of the characters in the show Cohen, and then got his own film with a long name «Borat: cultural research of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan». This character also interviews various people, asking them to completely politically incorrect questions, which are explained by the fact that Kazakhstan and the USA robust design of the cultural differences. That, in fact, true. In the movie, Borat does the same, visited America, making a bunch of nonsense, says funny «Like!» (Original «it’s nice») and makes a scary blush. Borat can be described as a huge racist, misogynist and a man who can hit a Gypsy with a rock at a distance of 15 metres. In the film, Borat falls in love with Pamela Anderson and travels to Woo her. In Kazakhstan, the film caused no small folk and swirling squalls of hatred against Cohen. The Kazakhs wanted to do «our response» Sasha, but something like it didn’t happen. The film is a lot of interesting details, like the fact that Sasha Baron says it… in Hebrew. With the addition Romanian, Kazakh, Armenian and Russian words. The suit, which went to Borat, no one ever rights and mustache Sasha grew real. Oh, yeah, Borat in translation from Romanian means like «barf.»


The second major part of Cohen that makes scary blush is the role of Bruno, an Austrian gay man, and observer of fashion. This character is also from the show Ali g, where he’s looking, of course, the fashion and all the fashion stuff. The film is about Bruno is an even longer title than the movie Borat: «Bruno: Delicious journeys through America for the purpose of forcing men to heterosexuals feel really uncomfortable in the presence of a blue alien t-shirt-mesh». During the filming of this movie Cohen was detained at Milan fashion week, and the police on the scene of the shooting called 71 times, at least so we are told the creators of the Kina.

In the future, Cohen made the film «the Dictator», which is heartily mocked by those dictators from Africa and Asia, who hold in their hands great wealth, sitting on Golden toilets, muzzles his people and secretly develop nuclear weapons. The film differs from other works of Cohen that has a clear plot, and is not a set of sketches linked together in a semblance of a plot. The film, like Cohen’s humor in General, has a strong mixture of a good idea in principle of humor with jokes like that, that make you want to fall through the floor. But there are jokes — just a fairy tale. The main character named General Admiral Aladeen (Yes, that’s the name) — has a low intelligence, pathos, CDA and the fact that he is an epic douche*. However, in the end, he corrected. Or not?


The priest managed to play some serious roles, for example, in the movie «Les Miserables» and «the time Keeper» which I absolutely don’t remember.

Latest news, which was lit Cohen — handing him the award «Best comedian» by the name of Charlie Chaplin, whom he «killed» the actress grace Collington, who lived at the same time with Chaplin. Moreover, the award went to the priest, so he also rehearsed its receipt, agreeing with the actress on the original sketches. Details on the video.

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