Ryan Gosling is the type which thinks your girlfriend before bed

Work.com.ua_23.07.2014_9b54PFQ0u0UcESurely your friend is not telling you about this actor. Gosling — the ideal man for many girls. Well, what is it? Like a normal actor, his name is not often seen on the pages of the tabloids. I think it’s all about appearance, it is obvious that Gosling takes care of his body (you would too). My friend calls Ryan’s attractive, well, so be it.

This guy was born in Canada, but on account of he already went to the fourth decade. Of course he lit up in a huge number of interesting pictures and got a bunch of awards, and was even nominated for an Oscar for her role in the movie «half Nelson», but, of course, he did not receive this award. It is the General rule that most of its actors don’t get such happiness from which this award from year to year simply loses its value.

Well, what about Gosling, the Tomboy born into a family of Mormons who profess a strict upbringing and many restrictions for children. But the District is not particularly restricted, but only until he came to school with a kitchen knife. No, it’s not one of those stories where he cut all the teachers, and then, under the rapid approval of the companies became a rising star, no. Just a little Paradise was very impressed with the viewing of the movie «Rambo» and wanted to emulate their favorite hero.

But the problems at school, Gosling appeared long before this incident. He even had the nickname «the Problem».

Poradi.s.ua_23.07.2014_Dw71n3Vmbu9pQIf you still do not understand where could see this guy then here are a few pictures where he starred: «the Fanatic», «United States of Leland,» «the notebook,» «Fracture», «Valentine», «This stupid love», «the ides of March» and of course the film «Drive».

«Drive», really interesting work. In it, Gosling fully manifests himself as an actor-chameleon. Ryan himself said of this film: «the film really only the last scene, and everything else is a dream. Delirium the wounded man, which carries its own machine, protects it and is able to take care of him forever. And I think she will carry it many more miles.»

The actor admitted that if you compare it to real life and characters from the films in which he played, the image of the stuntman from the «Drive» is most consistent with his lifestyle.

manygoodtips.com_23.07.2014_lkbI4kKbTKJLPThe area can be called a versatile personality. Besides acting and sports, he still enjoys music. Gosling is in a band Dead man’s Bones. In December 2008, Gosling and his close friend Zach shields released the album «In The Room Where You Sleep» and the first video for the song to him.

As we have said Gosling arrives in excellent physical shape. He does not hang day and night in the gym, he generally does not go there. The secret to Ryan that he’s been Boxing and ballet. The guy loves to dance and he’s not bad at it.

In 2012, People magazine included Ryan Gosling in the list of the sexiest men in the world, but that our hero had to work for it. If you look at the pictures of Gosling in his youth, will easily be convinced that more recently he was the true drischu.


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