Russian tourists abroad

manygoodtips.com_24.08.2015_fDOhist7HR62NKnow how to distinguish overseas «Russo turisto»? If there is a package, the front view and the accumulation of food on the dishes after the buffet. However, the tourists are different, and we will try to tell you what.


It all worked for a week to escape from the icy coolness of Nefteyugansk, and rocking bare navel peeking out from under t-shirts with picture of Putin, to relax to the full, enjoying superior Turkish gift called «all inclusive». The program includes: humiliation of local staff, the devastation of the bar, absorbing gallons of fuel, conflicts with the Anglo — germanocolusite.

Somewhere on the chaise longue resting with his wife and child, but to them it is not the case. The main thing – to find a friend with whom you can get drunk and talk about what «we in the Crimea better.» And he can be home in a good mood, tired liver, a bunch of photos for «classmates» and stories about «how they Tolyan watered the bartender and ridicule the Americans». The main object of hatred on the part of foreign tourists – just more noise.

An exemplary family

«Gene, put Celestine cream! The child will burn in the sun!» – heard far away. Who is it? A little plump lady 30 screams their zadolbali family vacation to her husband, and in addition constantly screaming child. The child wants to roller coaster. Dad wants to smoke and drink, that he goes to the bar, where he meets with the same sufferer. Mom wants beautiful photos with a swim on the boat to have something to show. Still, the main purpose of their trip is the Breakfast buffet. These mountains, as they are, nobody is gaining. Actually, this is a big plus and a strong family: the more people, the more food on the table. And, in General, good people, do not cause trouble, go on trips, and do they have mode. Idyll… But the child is too noisy and constantly asks for something. And mommy’s too busy.


Recently began to meet such characters. With camera at the ready, loudly muttering thoughts and jokes, they walk on «Europe and Azy», removing all monuments from Madame Tussauds to the Holy – filling their mini-bars. In fact, he doesn’t care about the beauty of Florence, he is more interested in bars. But we need an interesting movie, so you have to hang on to all these museums and joke about sticking penises of sculptures of the Renaissance, confusing other tourists.

We soon get used to people, talking to themselves on camera. Like a normal guy, and the head works fine, and then BAM – it turns out he’s a blogger, and your entire conversation he records on camera. Whether his will, he would have the whole story of holiday romance took off.


He knows everything from date of birth of the second mayor of this Western town to the name of the architect of the unremarkable temple. Any trip turns into a dialogue between him and the guide that over time begins to strain the guide. One gets the feeling that the purpose of the trip tourists – to assert themselves at the expense of their encyclopedic knowledge. In fact, to visit the Louvre – the dream of his life. For him it’s really important, because the purpose of existence – to visit all the important galleries of the world, which is commendable.


Boys who come here to hang out and see «the tower.» Of course, it is important to visit the clubs than museums, «pick up» enchanting foreign women and to buy something banned in those brave black boys on the corner. They all look with slight envy, that’s who really knows how to relax. Why merry? No joke they do not know, just very loud.


From Japanese tourist it differs only in appearance. All clicks and clicks all the photographs and photographs. Street musicians – to remember! Cat basks in the sun to remember! Piss on the sidewalk – remember! And so the whole trip through the lens of a camera. Does he realize that he just took a picture?


The motto of such people: «a minute on the spot.» In constant motion. He needs to get around, see the sights, try all the dishes and learn the life of this distant country for the allotted week. He can’t, he was saving for this trip all year. This camper despises the beach and any «monkey» under the guise of «all inclusive». The gregarious tourist, feels something of a leading «eagle and tails». Well, that’s right. Need to know a new country and not to lay in the sun belly up.

The couple

«Kitty, look what a good ramp!»; «And let you take the Dorado, and I the beef? Then each other we will try»; «I love you!» – all sounds from the mouth of two newlyweds or just love hearts, I decided on a gift from my parents money to go abroad. They have not yet reached the stage of tired from each other family, so all the time hold hands and walk arm in arm. In the tour bus, if you listen, through the cheerful voice of the guide, you can disassemble the noise of their furious kisses. Some it can be annoying, but actually they are very cute and good guys. Go on all the excursions, behave decently. Eventually they get bored from each other, so they they they began to share impressions with other travelers.


Two girlfriends that decided to visit all the sightseeing, bars and beaches. They came here to relax, like last time. Together all the time and all the time confident in their wild sexuality. At the beach dress up as on parade, flashing bare thighs and hoping for the selling having an affair with some Gonzalo from Malaga. Try all the dishes despite the diet, the pictures are absolutely everything, especially myself, every second adding to her hot Instagram pics in bikini and naively wondering why all of them think easily accessible whores? However, if they pay attention less than 10 times and only Russian tourists, holiday is spoilt. Appears excessive nervousness and loud claims to the service and the country itself.

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