Russian saying: what is the Day of Russia

manygoodtips.com_11.06.2015_jS73EPcjq9NgXOver the years the country has changed a lot. Not only change one’s attitude to the day of Russia on the part of its citizens. To describe this relationship in one capacious word – «no». I do not understand our citizens this holiday. But did everything, even changed the name. Now, to fans of the Soviet Union joined the ranks of the patriots, it was decided to rename it the day of Independence into a joint venture with Russia Day. Indeed, independence from whom? On the other hand, few people understand what is in the title.

«What are we celebrating?» – the second most popular question on this day after: «Where did mark go?» At its heart there is a beautiful myth, as in the Day of national unity. Here everything is much more prosaic, so someone said that Russia was on the path of democracy and market economy, someone is celebrating the liberation from the need to economically support other republics of the USSR. And someone thinks that if to assign the festive period, not the day of adoption of Declaration on state sovereignty of the RSFSR, and was already taken on August 21 when she disappeared last hope to prevent the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Here are some comments of people about this holiday. We didn’t change anything, direct quotes in their direct statements of people. Completely different thoughts about the holiday that causes the least emotion.

Ilya, a student:

«We identify the boundaries, give them a good name, praise them and pray to them every day. As for me, so the people to the States are treated like real people. «Russia ottusit Canada in hockey» and similar statements lead me to such thoughts. It is a festival of fireworks and balloons which are the colors of the tricolor. And my attitude to him is neutral. Personally, I have nothing for the country did not see any achievements that made me proud, so for the holiday, I am neutral. Besides, it is because I roughly know how is the feeling of empathy, so I see no difference between the day of Russia or any other country better then it really is integrated into a single people and celebrate Earth day or something like that. And why this celebration is necessary? Why someone, besides us, will be celebrating the day the US and so on? To ignite the fuse, which is located in the ass of a man, and launch thousands of fireworks, which shone the word Patriotism. As for me, all this is only part of the system and the plan of big brother, the TV will trumpet about how and what I need to do that day, because all the people from the box on the day of Russia in strips with smiles from ear to ear».

Catherine, a lawyer:

«I am very pleased with this holiday, because there was the opportunity to go to the sea. As this holiday means nothing to me. I have to it no any relation. Just a very nice occasion extra day to rest.»

Sergey, the businessman:

«We should appreciate this holiday much more. This is after all the basis of our statehood. The historical character of formation of the country on the path of democratic development. But for many this is another reason to fill the belly and get drunk. Sorry. Personally, I will celebrate as the day of independence from the Communist idiocy, the day which symbolizes what the country went in a civilized manner. In splendid isolation».

Nikolai, a pensioner:

«What are we celebrating? What is Russia Day? Here you can explain to me? Sooner was independence day. And from whom? From the Soviet Union? So to hell with that independence. Which is a better place to live? That’s just all sorts of crooks. Here when will be in stores normal prices, then we will celebrate.

I don’t understand these holidays. The day of national unity… that was the 7th of November, demonstrations, and all was well. And now what are we celebrating? The same with the day of Russia. I used to live better, sorry».

Paul, a graduate student:

«To say that the memory of people with him something to do: some hope, associations, civic sense – hardly. Was good the Declaration of Independence? Everyone decides for himself. Or history will judge. I was even worse. I was planning to go to the doctor».


«Shame! When we adopted the Declaration of independence, and became a democratic path and now playing the aggressors and the oppressors. Earlier this day was a symbol of freedom, and now, thanks to the Patriotic pumping after the events in Ukraine, it has become another propaganda tool. Fell out of love with him and for the second year in a row I want to mention. Hundreds of people go to concerts and events dedicated to the infamous power of today’s Russia. What? «Independent» society to get drunk and to sing a hymn in praise of Putin. Not the Day of Russia we want».

Novel, office worker:

«We really need such holidays. The Russians remember their history and somehow rallied. Especially now, when the world is all against us. The main thing to understand that this is not just a day off, and the day of our country, its power, its people, its independence from all: Nazis, NATO, and all foreign enemies. Personally, I go with family to a concert, look at the event. More such days, and then people started to forget that they are Russian».

Xenia, marketer:

«I’ll say this, the day of Russia does not cause me Patriotic feelings, however, never called. I refer to it in parallel as to the output. This is due to the fact that its not heavily promoted, I may not delve into these issues. Not to say that I’m not a patriot, I’m partial patriot, as policy of our state I do not always like. A swelling on Federal channels of all events disgusts me that all of the information is necessary to divide by two.»

Tigran, the bartender:

«The feast and the occasion. I’m on it as spit. I generally work. And they celebrated – even purple. If only there was no war and taxes didn’t grow up».

If to sum up all the statements to some common denominator, if to identify the common denominator, we get that the right was Yegor Letov when he said that people take LSD and go for the risk only for one – for the sake of the holiday. Because if no holiday, so don’t want that life. It is a pity that most people on holiday do not care whether it is a day of mourning – only would be entertained.

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