Russian origin can not hide

Some brands diligently, and some not so conceal their «Russianness». Apparently, the stereotype that the domestic manufacturer can not do anything very embarrassing. However, the country must know their heroes in person. So we conduct the educational program.



Walking through the Mall you notice a store with clothing similar to that worn at Hogwarts. All these pseudoangina sweaters, pants, classic cut really is pseudo and England have the same attitude as vitamin a until the advent of a sheep with a human face (we all know what it is).

In fact, mark never tried to hide the fact that, in addition to foreign names, it has nothing to do with this most foreign lands. Don’t know about you, but my last name is Henderson is associated with the movie «Harry and the Hendersons» about most pure friendship Bigfoot and ordinary people. It was a nice movie.

Carlo Pazolini

When you see the space showcases of this footwear concern, I immediately imagine the old Papa Carlo, putting shoes in a modest hut. And then come the greedy businessmen who buy his shoes for a pittance sell vtridorogo. In fact, such «Carlo» very much, and their name is Blue Dicks. So, Carlo Pazolini Group is a Russian company, which has its own Shoe factories in Russia and China. Just a good name mellifluous anyone who says Italian shoes are the best. Interestingly, the creators spent a certain analogy with the famous film Director, bold provocateur and passionate homosexual pier Paolo Pasolini, or just took the first available name? I know that many movie buffs don’t buy shoes from «Carlo», because it reminds them of «Salo or 100 days of Sodom.» And it’s difficult to walk and constantly remember the film, consisting of wild orgies.

Erich Crause


If you remember, dude, this TV fun, as»jeopardy», where academics of Sciences and Anatoly Wasserman fought for corporate stationery with a sonorous name. First thought: «Not the Austrians, or the Germans, or the Swiss, it means that we must take.» Ascetic, necrocide design, enhanced advertising and «European quality» added confidence. Especially when they show on TV, then, is a good thing.

And in fact, everything was much simpler. All products – from pencils, to such idiocy, as the cups for the cooler, inlaid with diamonds manufactured in Southeast Asia under strict supervision of the company «Premier Office» until 1994. The most interesting thing is that the company this fact is never concealed. But for some reason, people thought about the foreign origin of expensive pens.

Ralf Ringer


Shoes Ralf Ringer, if you believe the advertising, makes the Earth to spin. And how can Russian goods to somehow affect nature? Well, unless it’s a «Topol-M».

Thanks to the sonorous name of the Luftwaffe officer name, company considered whether German, or Austrian. But she’s actually made in factories in Moscow, Vladimir and Zaraisk. The owners are very proud of the local production and to tell about innovative methods of tailoring expensive shoes. To some it may seem absurd such a title, but put yourself in the manufacturers – they just had to enter the market. Everything is logical. And with the imported name to break much easier.



Perhaps the most popular in recent years, the tea is actually not who he says he is. While one part of the country eagerly sucking tea bags, the other cooks rich in vitamins chefir drink. And those and others think that drinking gourmet Ceylon tea, but the truth is, as always, terrible.

Back in 2003 in stiff haughty Britain was founded the firm of Greenfield Tea Ltd. Tellingly, it was founded the St. Petersburg producer of tea «Orimi trade». «Oh, these legendary Russian tea plantations, the taste is one-to-one with «English» – think of someone. And the guys from «Green fields» and they will say that tea is not British only on paper.



Guys with Bork did everything that they were positioned with «cool technology from Germany»: they have a great design and is rude, and selling high. Well, when you look at an adequate price tag, German name with a hint of quality, you understand: it is necessary to take! Never mind what is the brand of the Russian network «Electroflot». Designers made it so you couldn’t tell. Because of their work for juicer Bork pleasure to watch and the singer björk. Yes and they work perfectly. Maybe the creators coming up with the name, inspired by the works Icelander?

In fact, a good and reputable firm. Anyway, it’s not a juicer, which in a previous life, back in the 80’s, advertised Vyacheslav Malezhik.

Kaiser, Scarlett, Vitek, but especially Kaiser


That Vitek has nothing to do with Austria, says at least her performance. The name comes from the words vita (Latin for life) and tech («tech»), and no Vitek is not to blame. Although, given the country of origin, any Victor could be involved. Place of registration – Austria. Manufacturer – China. Soul and guide – Russian.

A similar fate and from the producer of Russia’s most popular dummies. The company was registered in England in 1996 and named after Scarlett o’hara from Gone with the wind. But production, as you might guess, the most that neither is Chinese, under the strict supervision of the Russian wide eyes.

Well, Pavel Loginov saturates the market of large appliances with the sonorous Teutonic name Kaiser from the same plant in Poland, where it produces the other pretends to be the brand Hansa. But it’s no trick. Poland is Europe. Russia – half too. So a normal Russian technique. I knowingly put a picture of Kaiser Wilhelm II, as his biography is similar to the life cycle of equipment from Kaiser: at first everything works fine, with a hint of genius and greatness, and then complete collapse – breaks down and won’t start.

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