Russian music without ornaments


Constantly trying to convince me that Russian music is not just «inserts», it still is a rare slag that any comparison is not with Western or even Asian sound. At the sight of the various «blackstar’s» involuntarily begin to believe it, but soon Wake up the remains of the murdered love of country, which is injected into the brain memories music for which no shame. Be prepared that the tracklist turned out to specific fans and perverts, but, in my opinion, here are collected the rare representatives of the healthy Russian music. Normal clips you won’t see, because our dearest Ministry of culture prefers to pour money into something more important, but all of the songs you can listen to right here. PS. Yes, we know that we are here to sort out projects of the same people (with rare exception).

1 Cut on the dog after Wave Wave

This is the music project of people from the «4 positions of Bruno», which will be lower. The player heard to the holes, so it’s your turn to listen to this set of notes, words and meanings, which we liked.

2 a Cut on a dog — Day Undisclosed Jaws

This song is isolated more often than others. Good text, great and unique vocals, which cuts into the memory instantly.

3 4 Position Of Bruno — The Hunter

«4 Positions of Bruno» is the main musical mouthpiece through which the authors convey their creativity. They often write instrumental elektronschinu, but most know the team is from songs toxic and soulful lyrics.

4 BIGLOCAL — Understand

BIGLOCAL uses for the benefit of the aesthetics of yard cattle-culture. The result is something painfully Russian crap and poetic, but we like it. I think you will be surprised that the next group is growing legs of BILOCALE. Which is exactly what the lyricist and the singer are one and the same person — Em Kalinin.

5 Refining — The Unborn

I never thought that a song on this subject, I have to like (other views, I confess, really), but Refining managed to cut my callous heart. And not only in text but also in the manner of singing EMA Kalinina, and in music too. This is hysterical, but the music that convinces the listener of the sincerity of spoken words. Very cool.

6 Refining — Fun

The composition of the «Russian Songs», the latest album of Refining, which consists of two parts. In General, we recommend you to listen to the whole album because it came out extremely strong. In a musical sense, especially.

7 Bird – EATING- life safety

Another project of the dudes from «4 positions of Bruno,» which, if I remember correctly, closed in 2015. Not particularly crying about it — if it had, it had a reason. If old rock stars understood this, they wouldn’t rivet terrible albums and cash in on the fruits of their youth.

8 Frame – Black spring

I can’t stand when the Russian post-punk group called «Russian joy division». On the other hand, our musicians are to blame for this, as you allow yourself to copy music and style, not to create something new. Fortunately, the group «Frame» a different class. They have a hell of an atmospheric and distinctive sound.

9 PPR and Oxxxymiron — Degenerate art

I’m a fan of «summer Camp Dusty rainbow», but not early things too guys focused on Western grunge. However, the latest albums, in particular «the Truth about the lost time», was worthy in every sense of the word. Here published a joint Oxxxymiron song — it’s gorgeous, especially in the live format.

10 Killer 30 years

At first glance you think «Killer» is a fancy, nasty and unpleasant, like some refined gichuhi with words, but it is not so. And let electronic music does not bother you, because «Killer» is not just a track for your rave, it is also a voice that is clear to many of us.

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