Russian in American comics. Part II

We continue to talk about how the American comically exploit the light of the Soviet names for creating villains, scoundrels, and, apparently, drug addicts. Last time we dug up a few of the Russians from the DC universe, but unfortunately, all the interesting characters over, but in Marvel they were still rife. Love this office the Russians, are very fond of.

Red Omega

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2016_dS5HV9xLU8eusUniverse: Marvel

Real name: Arkady Rossovich

Debut: 1992

In the modern culture of «Amici» is a passive loser, the eternal underdog. But on a regular poca arkashu Rossovich will say this. The main ideological enemy «of Exmenu» and in particular Wolverines nicely battered his nerves until 2009, the year while Logan finally killed the red creature.

About the past of Arkady little is known, the creators somehow not really paying attention to it. He was born in Russia and was a serial killer. He was captured by the Interpol agent Sean Cassidy and turned over to the KGB. They wanted to create a super soldier similar to Captain America. And there was omega Red.

According to another version, Arkady was a Soviet soldier. For war crimes he was shot. However, Arkady survived and was recommended for the above mentioned project «super-soldiers». For services to the Fatherland he was awarded carbonadium tentacle in each hand. Carbonarium — another «magic» alloy that was stronger than the remaining.

With these tentacles that omega pressured victims, literally sucking out their life force. Otherwise he would not survive: as is often the case in comics, the experience didn’t go exactly according to plan, and the miracle metal gradually began to poison the unfortunate villain, so he had to reinforce the forces in human lives that has not made it pleasant for chatting. The fact that Arcady had an innate ability «factor of death» (he singled out poisonous spores), which were successfully combined with tentacles.Like any other comic book villain, omega worked for the KGB, but the guy started to behave not in the Komsomol and was inserted into a powerful cryogenic stasis. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, omega Red was revived, but not President Yeltsin, and the head of the gang of ninja, known as the «Hand». But then he sent and ninja.

As you can see, the Cache — a maniac and a bastard who kills for kills and their own health. This maniac waving tentacles coming out of his wrists like tentacles, leaving a trail of horror and destruction. So it’s good that Logan killed him. However, rumor has it that in importance it will soon resurrect.

Red Guardian

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2016_hz8IjTovDTnp9Universe: Marvel

Real name: Alex Shostakiv, Vladimir Fomin, Krasno Granitski, Tania Belinski, who is Anton

Debut: 1967

Also known as the ideologically correct nickname red guard, Red guard a kind of Russian equivalent of Captain America. Want to make Soviet superhero paint it red, it’s simple. How did you get from American comics, in the Soviet Union loved to die in the West. My superpowers he also received a serum.

Red guards were like dogs nerezanyh. Officially there were three of them, and some of them appeared under the name the vanguard. But in the comics and then flashed other nameless Guards. So in Captain America #01 (v5) on the first page when you meet a Guard who tracked down the traitor and remained faithful to his duty until the end.

First — pilot Shostakiv is probably the best and most canonical of all. Interestingly, his wife was not just anybody, and the Black Widow. Just the party said Alexei, «it is Necessary», and he was forced to answer «Is». The only thing in it was negative — the work of the ideological enemy. And so positive in all respects, the patriot, who even saved the life of his enemy No. 1 — Captain America. Alas, like all good guys, he died a heroic death.The second Red Guardian was Dr. Tania Belinski, a professional neurosurgeon. She was extremely fast, had good melee combat, and was noted mainly for his hatred of capitalist culture. She later mutated into the Glow of the radioactive substance, nothing to do with red Guards has not.

Most interesting is that after the death Shestakova the secret of the serum was lost, and the Red Guards became the brave or the Communists or mutants. Most exciting was Nikolai Krylenko, mutant, run hither with the hammer and sickle at the ready. Tellingly, too, died a pity, he was a good guy.

The Big Dipper Marvel

Real name: Mikhail Medvedev (how unexpected)

Debut: 1981

And now a little cranberry, gentlemen! It would be strange if the Soviet Union was not a single white hair, sturdy body of a mutant who can turn into a bear. And even in the minds of American writers of the Russian brown bear is more like a grizzly, but what good is Mikhail Medvedev. The nickname, however, is maiden, that leads to bad thoughts.

Bear is one big walking stereotype, from the environment and behavior. But, as in the case of Red Guardian, the only thing that was wrong with it — his service to the Soviet government. In fact it is a very fair and positive from all sides of the character who fights crime and protects the honor of his country.

Born in Blagoveshchensk, Mikhail was one of the first known mutants that have appeared in the Soviet Union in the 20th century. In the USSR, as is known from declassified archives, mutants exterminated as soon as they showed superpowers. In Michael’s case the attempt took place at a young age — he was left in the mountains and grew up among animals, and certainly not once used his ability to change form, thanks to which he managed to survive.

The benefit of that on Soviet soil in time there is homegrown Charles Xavier named Piotr Phobos, to teach mutants, and parallel to extort from them superpowers. Did not like Krasnogvardeets, which was created out of disgruntled mutants squad with a brilliant and very creative name — the Soviet Super-Soldiers, and for a start tried to fight Hulk in the homeland of the Kyshtym Dwarf. After the Super-Soldiers swindolls from the green snake, they, along with Hulk can fight Phobos. With them he was dispatched to capture magneto, with them he fought against the X-Men and the Avengers.As any normal Soviet person, according to the Americans, Mike was in the Gulag. When the prison warden asked why the Big dipper has been incarcerated, Colonel Rostov replied «it is Not very hard to find corruption charges on any government agent.» As it is vital.

However, the bear is not so good (one gets the feeling that the story is about a transvestite), as it may seem. He turns into an anthropomorphic bear and unlike the Hulk keeps a clean mind, but green giant is still stronger. In addition, the bear — team player, appearing as part of VIA «Soviet Super Soldiers», in the «Winter guard». In General, srty and weak-willed in the full sense of the word character.


manygoodtips.com_29.09.2016_8iFQqG29gOy4JUniverse: Marvel

Real name: Emil Blonsky

Debut: 1967

Emil is not Russian, not Latvian, not Polish and not a representative of one of the many Soviet nationalities. Emil Blonsky Yugoslav, but he worked in the USSR, died in Russia, and to make it more interesting for the American audience (apparently the Yugoslavs are not very interested in Americans), he was credited with Russian roots and came up with a nasty name.

The meaning of existence Shit was the destruction of the Hulk. It was made clear that the abundant Porta gamma rays, but he couldn’t control himself after turning over his whole life stuck in the image of a terrible monster. Disgusting view was the reason for his divorce from his wife Nadia. Plus, because of the constant defeats in battle with the Hulk, Blonsky became almost insane in his hatred of Banner until the pile was blamed for the alter-ego of the Hulk. And when Benner started a marriage, obzavidovalis Stuff poisoned the bride radioactive blood, hoping that the Hulk would think that poor girl got it from him, and will blame himself.

I must say that Blonsky is quite dramatic character. All his life he tried to convince himself that if the Hulk is pure evil, to be fought (which in essence was true). But once the banner as the Hulk spared villain, Blonsky realized he had become someone I hated most is he was a raging violent monster. In this dramatic fracture lies the whole essence of the character.The abomination has the same range of abilities, and the Hulk, only he’s bigger and stronger. In fact, if the Hulk all the time did not come to the aid of another character, one day, Yugoslav spy would have destroyed him.

By the way, one malozemelnyh fact: After getting the Crap killed the Red Hulk, his wife fell in love with the Banner. Still, cynicism designated by the American authors is not the limit.


manygoodtips.com_29.09.2016_iAtlWiCNRcC9NUniverse: Marvel

Real name: Dmitri Smerdyakov

Debut: 1962

The illegitimate son of Nicholas Kravinoff (father Kraven, Chameleon which has a half-brother), the seminal intellectual and just scum, which became famous as the first enemy of Spider-Man. A master of disguise and excellent actor, he deftly changed his appearance, exactly copying the image the right person, his voice and demeanor. The props Dmitry contains a huge set of costumes and masks required for its reincarnation. Repeatedly the characters of the Marvel universe unwittingly become spectators upscale theater with a Chameleon in the title role, where he portrayed their friends so that no one raises even the slightest doubt.

This talent is very sad backstory. Father didn’t like his face, the mother was constantly humiliated by Dmitri, and other people treated him with contempt because he was illegitimate. The only one who treated him normally was a half-brother Smerdyakov Sergei, though he often abused him. To produce the impression of a brother, Dimitri copied the behavior of their neighbors.

Finally distraught and determined to get rid of self, Smerdyakov produced and took the serum, which relieves it from all distinctive features and turned his head in a featureless white ball.His ability to copy the behavior of other people, soon attracted the attention of the Communist countries, which recruited and taught Smerdyakov as a spy. See for yourself, the KGB never left his, even abroad.

It is worth remembering about their Alliance with brother Sergey, in which they have long been engaged in smuggling, exchanging animal skins and ivory for the latest types of weapons. By the way, Soldering Craven unleashed the same half-brother.

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