Russian in American comics. Part I

manygoodtips.com_20.09.2016_EvxYGbDDR2fBsRussia is too big and powerful way for the American culture that she didn’t use her in his work. We are accustomed to the eerie cranberries in Hollywood movies, which is only Schwarzenegger in «red heat.» We are accustomed to the fact that the images of Russian in the movie, absurd and exaggerated, and we pay little attention to the heroes of the American comics with Russia. Do not pay because they are inscribed in the outline of the story much more organically, so that the desire to tear his eyes from what he saw does not even appear. Maybe because the creators wanted to show how people can become endowed with super powers: cruel or fair, etc. So there’s no really bad characters: everyone can feel sympathy, even to the third Red Guard.Heroes with «sickle-answer» and «eagle» passports were a great number, and furthermore, they still exist. Met primitive idiots like Rhinoceros, was the super-intelligent bug-eyed dwarfs (the Gargoyle), much like a modern politician, and there was all sorts of epic heroes like Perun (the alternative to the Torah). A lot of them: Chameleon, Filth, iron maiden, hundred Red Guards (Captain America with the stamp «made in USSR») and many who still. But none of them will surpass written in the ‘ 90s comic about a muscular Bear with a gun-a balalaika in the hand, which, together with the Ninja Turtles (and with whom he still hobnob) fighting against cockroaches mutants who want to destroy the world with the simultaneous detonation of all the world’s nuclear power plants.

So sarika Andreasyan didn’t need to come up with domestic mutants for «the Defenders» — all long ago came up with DC and Marvel.

Black Widow

manygoodtips.com_20.09.2016_X5h3Ogv6rmf8sUniverse: Marvel

Real name: Natalia Romanova

Debut: 1964

Perhaps the most famous traitor of the Motherland and the KGB from this list, and it was largely covered in latex thighs Scarlett Johansson in «the Avengers». Although Black Widow was a decent biography even before she joined the organization S. V. T. she is Remembered mostly unworthy of the title of the Komsomol inconstancy in love Affairs.

With the biography of the creators themselves namudrili, and not deciding to make her a descendant of the Romanov dynasty, or is it better just to explain that other Russian names she doesn’t know. According to the authors of the comic, all courageous people must be born solely in Stalingrad. But when exactly — history is silent. When Natasha was little, unknown persons set fire to her house, and the mother left the girl from the window directly into the hands of Soviet soldier Ivan Petrovich. Ivan took the girl and cared for her as a mother.

Then everything in life — there was no sorrow until he met a mutant. Natasha worked as a dancer, I fell in love with a test pilot Alexei Shostakov, which actually was a mutant in Red a Guardian. Happiness was short-lived — she said that her husband crashed during the testing of experimental missiles, while he just moved on to top secret the service of the state and could no longer communicate with people from his past life.But Natasha didn’t know, and like any wife of an officer, decided after the death of her husband to go to the KGB. She joins the Academy of the red Room and joins the women who are being trained for operational work. Soon Natasha is extremely talented operative, the KGB gives her the nickname «Black Widow», and as a result she was given the same serum that was tested on Captain America. Then Natasha is happening hormonal failure and zakolosilis hair on the legs, but she was able to use a peak potential of your body: strength, flexibility, speed and agility. About the effect of delayed aging also should not be forgotten.

In addition to all these talents, Natalie is fluent in several languages, and the wounds on her heal as the dog. But only one forgot to make the Soviet biologists to address the vulnerability in human disease.

The adventures of Natasha’s numerous and exciting: at the time it is even a great trouble to Iron Man trying to abduct a runaway Soviet scientist. Then, having tasted the delights of Western life, asked for a green card and joined the organization S. V. T. Here it is, devotion to the Soviet homeland.

Spike and magic Marvel

Real name: Peter and Juliana Rasputins

Debut: 1975

Apparently, in the time of the creation of some Russian characters, everything before the eyes of artists and writers — books about the last Russian Emperor. Well, that’s right: if people come from the Northern provinces, the surname may be only one — Rasputin. However, family ties Peter and Uliana with crazy Grishka and the incomparable Maria Rasputina, the authors made no allusion.

Born brother with sister in the village of Ust-Ordynsk close to lake Baikal. It seemed that life is good: family, farm, dedication to the pioneers on the nose, but then Petka began to show strange features of the iron character. It is not something that eggs — whole skin turned into steel and power has increased dramatically. In General, nothing to worry about, but it’s the Soviet Union, where no particular love here for such coming «Black funnels». The first time Peter tried to hide their capabilities, but to save my sister from a tractor Ulyana (a common situation: the tractor is carried on the child at a speed of 200 km/h in each village is), he had to reveal himself.

Soon learned about this bald, disabled, looked after children through Cerebro. He invited Peter and Ulyana to be among the X-Men. Rasputin didn’t want to Wake your power and agreed immediately, intending to go into the army, but when there is an alternative to immigrate to a country where there is gum and sneakers, agreed.

Juliana also their talents are not immediately discovered — all was quiet until, until it was stolen in Limbo and didn’t share a soul. After that, she discovered her ability to teleport, took revenge on all tormentors and wicovw the sword from the piece of his soul, returned to Earth. And I must say that her ability to create portals through space and time impressive cooler brothers of the iron skin. However, in Limbo it has long been held in thrall by some magician, in which she learned magic, and fled, surprising brother the reincarnation of vulnerable girls in the severe woman with the sword.However, the magic we have known is not as good as the ear. First, thanks to the film guy, becomes a piece of metal, is remembered differently women are better with portals, and secondly, there was a fashion to push Pete everywhere, even in «Deadpool». Ulyana, all is not so happy, its almost not visible.

Kraven the hunter

manygoodtips.com_20.09.2016_xjgdD8GPFjPkAUniverse: Marvel

Real name: Sergey Krainov

Debut: 1964

Finally Russian character without any hint of revolution… And no, his ancestors arrived in the United States from Russia immediately after the February revolution of 1917. He was from the aristocrats, which is probably why so fancy dressed and grew their nails. Orphaned at a young age, the young nobleman went to travel the world, the result of finding your new home in Africa. Living side by side with wild animals, he began to hunt, which later became his main business. Thus a simple hobby grew into the purpose of Sergey’s life, turning it into an obsessive victory over the beast. Find out the secret formula to local shamans, Craven made a potion to give him superhuman strength, sense of smell and the instincts of a predator. There, in the Savannah superstrong Craven was not equal, he even learned to understand the psychology of animals. But in the urban jungle was missing its mutants — for example, spider-Man, whom He believed to be his main prey. It is so many years after him, in the end put himself into the grave.

As a man of noble blood, Craven fought for justice and honesty win. Once the love of his life, Calypso Ezili dulled spider sense Spidey using drugs. Serge, on hearing this, noble finish the fight, letting go of the beaten enemy. Rarely anyone was able to combine the qualities of a noble hero and cruel villain.However, after his death at the capture of Spider actively pursuing his family — sons Alexei and Vladimir Clavinova became second and third respectively Craven, and his wife Sasha Kravinoff and daughter Anna vowed revenge for the death of Sergei, and later launched a massive hunt for all spider-men in the Marvel universe, having achieved the death of some of them.

Green lantern

manygoodtips.com_20.09.2016_gLhpdEzBZOwD3Universe: DC

Real name: Anja Savanovic

Debut: 1999

DC Russian mutants are mainly in the role of degenerates, with a few exceptions like Fire (the guy who was at the epicenter of the Chernobyl explosion, but not turned into nuclear ash as his companions, and became a normal super-strong mutant), or a red Star, which actually was a man. And, of course, is Anna Savanovic (although with that name she to another country to work), which was in the squad of Green Lanterns. To admit, the attention she gave DC a bit, rarely published, and proved to come up with Russian names they do much worse than Marvel.

What to tell about Anna? It was discovered by Kyle Rayner, who plies the vastness of space in search of new recruits for the Green lantern Corps. Suddenly he noticed a distress signal that seems to be one of the drifting ships. Finding capsules inside a frozen girl, Kyle saved her and brought to his headquarters. It turned out that she was never a Colonel of the air force, but was a member of the top secret Project Helios, which went into earth orbit.The ship was damaged, and poor Anna 35 years drifted into a frozen capsule, until it was picked up. What do superheroes when you see the cold Soviet women? Of course, handed the ring and asked to join the lantern Corps. Since then, Anna flies imperceptibly.

Red Son DC

Real name: State secret

Debut: 2003

And here is an example of «Marasmus was intense». Let’s imagine what would have happened if Superman’s Shuttle landed not in Kansas, and in the Ukrainian collective farm? He was a member of the party, went on a government «Victory», once a year, the rest in Yalta sanatorium and was referred to as Red son.

So it was in the steppes of Kherson. The Shuttle landed with a miracle-a wonderful miracle alien. The guy raised an ardent Communist: he loves the party, Soviet ideals, Stalin, and enjoys life in the Country of the Soviets.

But everything else is the same. He also fights against Lex Luthor, who hired FBI agents to kill «Soviet superweapon». In the diplomatic meeting him falls in love with Wonder woman, and after the death of Stalin Red son, and even takes over the management of the party and begins to transform his country utopia.On the pages of the comic, we meet also the Moscow Batman in a fur cap, whose parents were killed by the NKVD for advocating the overthrow of the regime, and old friends — Green Lantern and Deathstroke.

Three-part comic turned out to be too sophisticated and unique to let it pass. Superman from the farm, drink for the Motherland and for Stalin — it’s hard. If you think you have nothing to surprise you — read this beauty.

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