Russia was put up for auction Ebay

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You never, friend, was wondering how much can I buy your native country? Or to sell it. We somehow do not really trade countries is slightly incorrect, at least we think so.

But the man from the city of Belebey, Republic of Bashkortostan, did not think so, so put Russia up for sale. In the description of the country it was said that Russia is «officially used» for a thousand years. The state of the country the guy was rated as «in good condition». It should be noted that the starting price was 1 cent, that is 31 cents.

However, an hour after publishing the entry has been removed. Reasons and unknown, but we know that Russia was estimated at 100 thousand dollars. Maybe the item was withdrawn because the rules of the auction can not sell what one does not own. In addition, delivery should be effected with America, and bring back to Russia from America feels kinda heavy.

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